Distant Landscape is a group out of Rome, Italy, who released their album Insights on May 23, 2017, courtesy of Sliptrick Records. This is the band’s debut atmospheric melodic rock album.

The first track on Insights, “Same Mistake”, is immediately going to draw you in with a soft, slow beat layered over melodic drums, guitar, and keyboard – but don’t be fooled, this song does pick up and gets a bit heavier as it goes on. Marco’s vocals (you can still hear his accent slightly when he sings) seems to add a bit of depth and mystery to the songs. “First Insight” is a soft, slow, and quite lovey song – male and female vocals meshed together which creates astonishingly beautiful depth. “The Change” opens slowly, rhythmic drums accompany steady guitar riffs – the lyrics are a little difficult to understand at times in this particular track, but the instruments more than make up for what is lost in the lyrics.  “Distant Landscape”, the song sharing the band’s name and closing out Insights, begins with soft, soothing riffs and distant vocals before incorporating light drum work. The point of this song is to create distance as they end the album, and Distant Landscape executes the feeling of closure with the vocals taking a back seat to the instruments. 

Insights is smooth and melodic rock at its finest; appealing to fans with a softer side and appreciate the beauty of not only rock n’ roll but music in general.  This is not an album that is going to appeal to die-hard fans of heavier music; Insights is too subtle and pretty (yes, pretty) to appreciate when your existence depends on headbanging.   This Roman quintet is talented, and it shows in the mastery of their instruments and the way they weave and intertwine their vocals.  So if you are in the mood for some wine tasting appropriate rock music, Insights is an album you should consider.

Same Mistake
Cage Inside Us
First Insight
The Desire
The Change
The Love of a Mother for Her Sons
Distant Landscape

Marco Spiridigliozzi: Vocals & guitar
Francesca Giuditta: Vocals & keyboard
Alessio Rossetti: Backing vocals & guitar
Andrea Biondi: Drums
Fabio Crognale: Bass

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Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 7, 2017