August 25th sees the debut EP from Finnish melo-death metal machine DIMMAN, and it’s a pretty solid example of trimming the fat for that quality beef. The quartet of original tracks here are a bit of a teaser but a somewhat filling one, like when your appetizer is just a lil too good and you forget you can get a to go box for it before your actual meal comes. More on that analogy later but let’s delve nipple deep in this EP shall we?

The first track “Guide My Fury” sounds about what you’d expect a track called “Guide My Fury” to sound like, it’s harsh yet some sweet twin guitar harmonies laced in and even a splash of some keys are slipped into the mix. While I would ultimately agree with the label “melodic deathmetal” or at the very least not contend it, there’s not denying “metalcore” influences here as well bringing to mind bands like Between the Buried and Me and Killswitch Engage. Some purists might take issue with that but I like my music interesting so I think it’s tight for a new band to stand apart from the pack in ways that don’t equal “cuz they suck”. The album’s most standout track though is arguably “My Head My Prison” the guitars are extremely well done throughout equal parts engrossing melody and sledgehammer heavy, the track that will most likely sway all naysayers on just how “melodic death” these guys truly are. Cuz as we know there’s nothing metalheads will lose themselves faster than debating metal subgenres as is label are really that important.Oddly the album ends on an orchestral version of the album’s standout track “My Head My Prison”, which isn’t a bad inclusion but does sort of throw off the vibe considering how short the thrash time for this album is.

Now usually I’m hyper empathetic about the EP brevity curse but this one suffers from the downsides of it big time. There’s nothing wrong with the material on the EP itself, in fact all 4 songs are pretty tight as I’ve said before. The problem is there’s something missing, what I can’t exactly put my finger on but it’s a thing. The album’s songs are solid and they do slightly build off each other but that build up seems to stop just before the EP actually hits the climax. It’s like going out to eat and then having to leave before your actual food gets there but you already nibbled on the appetizer (told ya we’d come back here #fullcircle). So that element here will be a bit of a bummer that being said though the band is still extremely new to the big boy scene and this EP DOES pack some serious promise of what they’re capable of so it’s still one to chalk up in the win category.

3.0 outta 5.0 axes

1.Guide My Fury
3.My Head My Prison
4.Pitch-Black Morning
5.My Head My Prison (Orchestral version)

 Valtteri Halkola – vocals
Jaakko Yli-Sorvari – lead guitar
Mikael Haapala – rhythm guitar
Elias Halkola – bass
Samppa Raittila – drums



Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 13, 2017