dhärä is a brand spanking new progressive rock band hailing from New York in a similar vein to bands like Animals As Leaders or Polyphonia. Foregoing a vocalist, they rely on their musicianship to speak for itself.  And son-of-a-bitch does it speak for itself!

dhärä recently unveiled two hella popping tracks on Soundcloud, one no less dope than the other. But wait, did I just two tracks….only two tracks? Well the tracks come in at just over 13 minutes, there are very few ways you could better spend a temporal bakers dozen of minutes that don’t involve black jack, blow (don’t do drugs kids), and hookers. I suppose you could do all three at the same time if you truly wanted to and your multitasking game is totally on point…but that’s none of my biz.  I, personally, would rather listen to killer fucking dhärä tracks.

Both tracks were recorded live and for starters, the production and recording quality could not be any better, literally. Every single note is crisp and refreshing, made specifically for your ear holes.  I can name like three live albums I actually enjoy and are recorded with this level of quality so I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass to see if it comes outta your mouth here.

Next thing, there’s always something to be said when a band chooses to go purely instrumental and kills it. It’s very rare that a band can does it so well that you don’t think “maaaaaybe, just maybe they should pack it up.” dhärä has totally nailed instrumentals filled with style and the ability to craft songs that genuinely move you. I’m not talking some feathery heartfelt Celine Dion type bullshit, instead their music legitimately makes you shift moods as you listen. On the track “One Hell of A Drug” your mind runs the gamut from steady chillaxing to adrenaline pumping.  Then it does it again, not once…not twice but several times and that’s just in the first four minutes. “Put A Bird On It” is also all kinds of good, a genre-bending roller coaster of sick drumming and lit riffs you’ll wanna listen to again as soon as it starts.

To sum it up, dhärä  may have only two tracks recorded, and two tracks might be considered short and sweet but damn is it ever sweet.  Follow dhärä  on the interwebz so you can keep up with their releases as they come. Whether you’re a casual music fan or a guitar skills snob, you’ll be sure to enjoy the hell out of what dhärä was done here and be anxiously awaiting whatever they decide to drop next.

1.One Hell of A Drug
2.Put A Bird On It

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 8, 2017