California-based duo DFB releases new single, “Epiphany”
DFB - Epiphany [Exclusive Premiere]
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Hailing from Southern California, DFB is a powerful, dynamic duo striving to bring the music they know and love to the masses. With previous albums under their belt, the group has signed with indie up and coming label Famined Records and recorded a brand new EP, mixed and mastered by Julian Rodriguez (ex Elitist) at Parallel Focus Studios. Listen to their first single, “Epiphany” on the It Djents website.

For fans that are familiar with the band’s old sound encountered on previous albums -such asJuxtapositon-, or for new listeners that jam Periphery, Meshuggah or TesseracT, this whole release -starting with Epiphany in particular- has a lot to offer: it’s technical, it’s heavy, it’s melodic and spacey, and it will seep into your heads until you’re bobbing your head tapping your feet to the beat.

The band opened up about the signing: “We are so excited to be working with Famined Records on this album. They’ve been extremely helpful in the process of getting this music ready for the world to hear, and we’re stoked to be working with some of the most focused, talented, and dedicated people I’ve met in the industry”.
Vocalist Elijah also added a couple notes about the single: “This whole album is about an inner struggle with spirituality, with good and evil. This song shows that our protagonist is discovering his own darkness, that he may have condemned himself to oblivion”.


More about the Band,

Formed in 2011, Dylan Furr started his journey as a solo artist, recording and mixing two instrumental albums under his name, showing the world his signature songwriting style and blistering solo skills. Constantly looking to further develop his sound, he added his own vocals to the mix on his third full-length record Juxtaposition, then later re-recorded the album with his new versatile vocalist, Elijah Arnold, adding an entirely new level of singing to the mix. Bringing on new members to the band, the name was changed to DFB, and they are taking the metal world by storm, preparing to release yet another EP, Perspective, later this year.
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“Epiphany” is the first single taken from DFB‘s newest album, Perspective.
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