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DEUCE – INVINCIBLE (Better Noise Records)

Who remembers Hollywood Undead? I know I’m not the only one who still jams to them every once in a while – my cousin and I used to jam to them while rolling around in my ’07 Scion TC, midnight blue with super dark tinted windows, belting out “bitches I hope you know, I won’t stop til I hit that ho, baby come say hello and get your drunk ass over here, let’s bone.” They’re still around, just so you know. They released an album in 2017 titled Five.

Anyway, Deuce was a member of Hollywood Undead and it is rumored that he left due to disagreements with the band. He’s now released a solo album, Invincible, courtesy of Better Noise Records. Some of the track names lead me to believe we may be in for some more gems, so let’s jump into it, shall we?

Starting off with “Here I Come”, the album is already promising with a familiar sound. We listen to a LOT of metal/rock/whatever you’d like to call it – this album is something different from that. It’s more of a hip hop/rock mashup. And with the first song, Deuce proclaims that he’s back and he’s here to stay. “Hells Gonna Break Loose” is a slower start, but picks up with some groovy riffs and supporting drums – and the immediate proclamation that Deuce fucking hates you – probably not you, exactly, but someone – and let’s you know again that he’s going to be here forever. He even states that he shits on Marshall Mathers – I mean.. maybe? But you’re just starting out here on your own, Deuce, maybe set your sights a little lower than Eminem even though he’s kind of fallen off, even with the release of his new album. But I digress.

“Bitch This Is It” has a beat that I got into right away. I can definitely do some goofy white girl dancing to this beat. To steal a word from Hobbes Caltous, I would for sure get down with some weird white girl noodling to this song. This is one that I could see my cousin and I jamming to in my now super boring Subaru – probs not as exciting as doing it in the two door coupe, but fun nonetheless. “Gone Tomorrow Here Today” is very much the same way – the beat opening up the track is very inviting. This song also has more of a message than “hey I’m here to stay” – it has more of a rock feel to it as he talks about chasing the American dream and living his own life. “My Buddy” amps it up with harder, crashing drums under vocals demanding fame and money. “Bad Attitude” is another track with a beat that can just suck you in. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you can try to hide but you can’t run” may be my favorite lyric from this track, especially since he’s talking about how he’s got a bad attitude and wouldn’t try for whoever is he talking about.

“Best Of Me” has some pretty awesome riffs to start off with, and a more upbeat attitude to it, which is a nice change of pace. I love me some hateful music, but hearing a more positive spin is a nice twist on the album. “Thank You” is a really pretty song. Deuce shows off his actual singing, and it’s nice. The song is slow and meaningful, and draws out emotions that many will be able to relate to. “Catch Me If You Can” starts off with a super upbeat, almost pop-punk sounding beat to it. It’s also just a fun song to listen to – it’s more singing, about boning different chicks all over – who wouldn’t love it? “Pull Me Under” is the track that wraps up the album, and it’s another punky sounding tune. Hard drums and smooth riffs that’ll have you toe tapping and moving your head to the beat is a good way to end the album, making a memorable finish.

Invincible is an album that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously – and that’s a good thing; it’s a mix of rock/rap/I hate you/I’m going to call out famous rappers/but then I’m going to give thanks for someone who helped me through some tough shit/but hey then I’m going to talk about boning chicks all over the world/bag of fun all wrapped up in one pretty little package. If you’re expecting the exact same thing that you’ve heard from Hollywood Undead, think again. While you can tell that there was association there, this album goes deeper than what you may think when hearing of that association. It’s one that can cater to fans of many different things. I’ll be putting it in my rotation – it’s a fun listen no matter what your mood at the time may be. The album is out now, so go pick it up and check it out. Bloodrock Rating: 4 of 5 axes

Here I Come
Hells Gonna Break Loose
Bitch This Is It
Gone Tomorrow Here Today
World On Fire
My Buddy
Bad Attitude
Best Of Me
Thank You
Catch Me If You Can
It’s Alright It’s Ok
Talking About You
Pull Me Under


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Written by Har-Lena Quinn on January 7, 2018 for Bloodrock Media