Progressive metal band Dethrone the Sovereign released their debut album, Harbingers of Pestilence, on July 27th.

If I could describe this release shortly, I’d say Dethrone the Sovereign is Born of Osiris’ cooler older brother. Easily compared, but yet oh so different, Harbingers of Pestilence takes on many progressive techniques, but have given them their own twist to conjure a beautiful, moving album. From clean, emotional intros, seemingly neverending brutal tactics, to symphonic bridges, Harbingers of Pestilence is a hybrid of many intelligent minds coming together to create unfathomably complex music.

One specific topic I’d like to cover about this album is the use of writing ambient, emotional intros only to be inevitably tackled with the sheer force that is Dethrone the Sovereign. In tracks such as “Era of Deception”, you are led on with an absolutely beautiful intro; a classical (almost Spanish) style, that of which leads abruptly into the progressive madness. Track 7, “Apostasy”, is an instrumental track; its Spanish-esque acoustic guitar lead backed by symphonic chords is sure to send you to a euphoric state. Abruptly, all tracks stop and solo piano takes place, sounding much like pianist Michael Dulin.

Track 8, “The Eternal Void” (my personal favorite), begins with a strange yet oh so satisfying hybrid of jazz and Animals as Leaders. Even throughout the song, unusual timing on the guitar track gives an Animals as Leaders taste; something extremely difficult to accomplish, but has been done on this album flawlessly, a number of times.

Enough about individual tracks… On a whole, Harbingers of Pestilence is a heavily influenced album across all spectrums of genres; a wholesome, genuine release that is absolutely sure to appeal to ALL metal fans. I can assure you this, you must listen to this album multiple times all the way through in order to fully grasp everything Dethrone the Sovereign has to offer all throughout Harbingers of Pestilence. I highly recommend this album to anyone that seeks fast-paced, progressive music.

I look forward to future releases by Dethrone the Sovereign. This debut release is sure to rise to the top in a short amount of time. I have high hopes for future releases; they will undoubtedly gain a cult following in the blink of an eye.

Era of Deception
Era of Deception pt. II
Weavers of Illusion
Harbingers of Pestilence
The Vitruvian Augmentation
Torch of Prometheus
The Eternal Void
Perennial Eclipse

Jake Vancil – Vocals
Nick Mason – Guitar
Jake Laskowski – Keys
Allen Barkley – Bass
Derrik Schroeder – Drums

Check out Dethrone the Sovereign here:


Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on August 8, 2017