Finnish death metallers Desolate Shrine released their fourth full-length album Deliverance from the Godless Void on November 10, attempting to erase the line between death metal and doom metal. Dear readers, let us break down this, these eight tracks of death and doom. Feel free to sing the doom song now.

Opener “The Primordial One” kicks off with a ton of blast beats before heavy melodic guitar and low growling vocals come in. More blast beats continue throughout the track and the low growls of vocalists R.S. and M.T. occasionally turn into banshee wails, showing off a bit of range. It’s a long one, coming in at about six and a half minutes, but it’s not the longest track on the album by far. We’ll get to that in a bit. “Lord of the Three Realms” has more low growling vocals and a mild doomy tempo. I had to listen to the song a few times because the instrumentals are easy to zone out to. Yet more blast beats accompany this track, leaving little variation from the first.

Luckily, “Unmask the Face of False” provides that variation, at least a little. It has a slow tempo but it’s still pretty damn heavy. It’s the longest song on the album and the longest song I’ve ever heard. This beast comes in at a whopping ten minutes and eighteen seconds. Go ahead and read that sentence again, because holy crap. The guitars come in really nicely here, but the track is full of even more blast beats, making me wonder if instrumentalist L.L. (but not Cool J) knows how to do anything else on the drums. The variation I spoke of is in the track itself; it ranges from dark and depressing to epic and everywhere in between. Did I mention it was over ten minutes long?

“The Waters of Man” is next and it reeks of overproduction. The guitars overtake everything, even the blast beats that seem to be the staple of every track. The banshee wail vocals in the beginning and the low growls in the middle are barely audible. “The Graeae” is incredibly slow to start, coming in with the lightest of light guitar picking and whispering chants for over two minutes before finally picking things up on guitar, throwing down some very heavy riffs before the vocals come in hard. The production issues aren’t quite as noticeable here, but they are still there. The vocals pop more, while the orchestral synths and drums still suffer under the guitar.

“Demonic Evocation Prayer” actually has slightly better, more varied and meatier drumming than any other track on the album. The heaviness of the track takes a back seat about two minutes in and a somber depressing atmosphere takes over, if only for a moment. The rest of the track sort of alternates from this to a mid-tempo break to a full-blast of drums and guitars and growls, and then back to atmospheric instrumentals again. “The Silent Star” comes in with epic-sounding instrumentals, almost sounding like they come straight out of a rock opera, but then they’re offset by those low growls that just clash with that kind of epic sound. Once things really kick off, you’ll hear that overproduction again. Were it not for those pesky production problems and if there were a different vocalist, this track would be pretty awesome. Finally, after what feels like far too long, we come to the album’s closer “…Of Hell,” which is a respectable length, coming in at just over five minutes. It’s slow, steady, and full of incredibly heavy guitar.

Deliverance from the Godless Void suffers from a lot of production problems. The guitars are oversaturated, taking over pretty much every other instrument. This takes away from the overall atmospheric effect of the album, and the fact that there is little variation in any of the tracks doesn’t help. Not to mention that try as I might, I can’t find any one instrumental piece or vocal piece to be particularly memorable. Not one track stands out and a lot of them are far too long, making this an album best listened to from start to finish as opposed to track by track. If you’re a die-hard death metal or doom metal fan and absolutely must own everything that has that label slapped on it then you may actually enjoy this album, but if not then you should probably move on. Final Score: 1 out of 5 axes

L.L. – All instruments
M.T. – Vocals, lyrics
R.S. – Vocals


  1. The Primordial One
  2. Lord of the Three Realms
  3. Unmask the Face of False
  4. The Waters of Man
  5. The Graeae
  6. Demonic Evocation Prayer
  7. The Silent Star
  8. …Of Hell

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Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on November 14, 2017