DED on 11/26/2017


It’s a Sunday night at Sammy T’s Music Hall in the heart of downtown Huntsville, Alabama and people are lining up outside to see DED with support from Lionize.  I was lucky to meet and Interview Joe Cotela the frontman of DED before the show. We talked a lot about how much we don’t like the cold weather.. plus.. other things as well so be sure to check out the interview here to learn a little more about one of the most newest and most exciting rock bands in the scene.

My friend and I had some downtime before the show started, so we decided to grab Starbucks where we could warm up and I could get her hooked on DED before she saw them live. We watched their videos over and over till we needed to get back to the venue.  Needless to say she was hooked.

Lionize on 11/26/2017

First up was Lionize, I hadn’t heard these guys before but they sounded good and the crowd seemed to agree. The lead singer surprised us with his very unique outfit. It was somewhat of a jumpsuit, magenta in color, made him “sparkle”. Nothing wrong with having a different style, right? It definitely photographed well from my side but I was more focused on his voice. What a voice! Their music was a bit different than what we rockers and metal heads usually hear, but they put on a good performance.  They gained a new fan that night.

Next up was the band that a lot of us came to see… drumroll please…. DED!!!!  These guys don’t stop moving! The lighting was a little low, but the guys were so amazing! The sound was good and the crowd was singing along to their hits, “Remember the Enemy” and “Anti-Everything.” I ran into a couple other guys who traveled a few hours to see DED as well, so that tells you how wicked awesome they are, they are worth traveling for. When you know the band is good, you don’t mind driving the 2-5 hours to see them and hear the music we all love.

Be sure to check out my quick interview with Joe from DED and see if they are coming to a town near you! You want to see them live. Trust me. Live love rock.

You can check out the photo galleries for DED and Lionize by clicking the links in their names.


Written by Jennifer Pinckney for Bloodrock Media on December 20, 2017