Decrepit Throne is a black metal band reigning from North Carolina/New Jersey. With classical black metal tremolo picking, raw vocals (Ron Kaiser), and at times, almost thrash metal guitar riffs (Gregory Maupin), Decrepit Throne’s new album,Traitor’s Grave, is a must for black metal fans. All 7 tracks each individually have their own sound, while still being hard hitting. A few specific tracks such as “Your Death my Solitude” will start you off with a slow melodic guitar lick, but then eventually tackles you with heavy instruments and strong vocals. Traitor’s Grave is paced, fast, melodic, abrasive, and dark.
Decrepit Throne is perfect for fans of Death, Lifelover, Wintercult, and Ghost Bath. It is almost certain future bands will be influenced by Decrepit Throne’s especially dark theme. Make sure to pick up a physical copy of Traitor’s Grave on April 10th.
Listen to “Lucifer’s Descent” here:
1. Lands of Ash
2. Lucifer’s Descent
3. Winter’s Call
4. The Path of Revenge
5. Your Death my Solitude
6. The Victor’s Trumpet Sounds
7. A Defiant Flame Burning
Instruments: Gregory Maupin
Lyricist/Vocalist: Ron Kaiser
And make sure to find them on social media:
Written by Jay McCleskey on March 19, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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