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Last night I couldn’t sleep, I was consumed by the kidnapping and rape allegations against Decapitated, I couldn’t stop researching the situation long enough to fall asleep.  Actually the incident has filled my thoughts the last several days because two of our employees, Ethan Grason and Jay McCleskey, interviewed the guys on August 25th in Houston, Texas on this tour….so we’ve talked about it a few times and if either of them got the sense that the dudes of Decapitated were capable of such a thing.  Last night, the situation got the better of me; I started doing my own CSI investigation, I’ve clearly watched waaaaaay too much Investigation Discovery (a channel dedicated to true crime stories for those of you not in the know) and have read far too many true crime stories.  So this morning I sit in my office, cold and exhausted, with a sense of satisfaction that I may have made sense of it all (at least in my mind).

DISCLAIMER (read before you proceed):  As a female, I am well aware of inappropriate contact by males and that these situations should be taken seriously but also everyone is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  I personally have had males violate my ‘safe space’ in my lifetime so I understand the damage it does to a person; it is something you never get over.  As a mother of a beautiful young lady, I also fear that my daughter will be violated in the same way that I, and many other woman, have been….our innocence stolen for the gratification of another person.  I say this with the understanding that men/boys can be groped, fondled, sexually harassed, and raped as well, but the occurrence of this is significantly lower than that of women/girls and I can only speak from a female’s point of view (so fellas feel free to chime in).  I do not take this or any sexual violation accusation lightly nor do I assume the majority of sexual violations reported are fabricated.  This piece is a combination of public information (court records) and opinion (which are like assholes, everyone has one….well almost everyone).

Here is what has been released to date:

Saturday, September 9th, the initial allegation of kidnapping became public and all four members of Decapitated were arrested for kidnapping.  The victim reported to police that she was held against her will by the band after their show on August 31st in Spokane, Washington.  Decapitated, alongside Thy Art is Murder, was on the 9th stop of their month long Double Homicide Tour.    The initial reports were a bit misleading and made it appear as though the victim was taken, against her will (i.e. kidnapped), from Spokane, Washington to Santa Ana, California. However, the incident was reported in Spokane, Washington in the early morning hours of September 1st but the band was arrested in Santa Ana, California on the 9th.  The band’s attorney. Steve Graham, made a statement on the 9th that he was hired by the band on Thursday (the 7th) after they became aware of the investigation and that “there is another side to this…we have witnesses that testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band on her own free will and left on good terms”.  Graham indicated that he told police that the band members offered to surrender but they never heard anything back from the police department.  He also indicated that he had made it clear that he would get the guys back to Spokane and that they would cooperate with the investigation.

Monday, September 11th, the accusations escalated when the court documents were made public and the alleged victim had not only accused Decapitated of holding her against her will in their tour bus (kidnapping) but she also accused all four members of the band of gang raping her.

According to court documents:

The alleged victim (Woman 1) and her friend (Woman 2) told Spokane police they attended the Aug. 31 show at The Pin, 412 W. Sprague Ave., and afterward tried to get pictures with the drummer from another band.  A security guard told police the show ended at about 11 p.m.  The women (Woman 1 and 2) said they ended up speaking with members of Decapitated and were invited to have drinks in the tour bus parked outside the venue.

Woman 1:  Described being excited to be on the bus, and then one of the band members began grabbing her breasts, later identified by police as drummer, Michal Lysejko.Was uncomfortable and said the band members began speaking to each other in Polish.  She described the ‘vibe’ in the bus changed, and one of the members began looking at them like they were prey.  Indicated that she looked at her friend (Woman 2) to signal they needed to get out of there.  She then used the bathroom and was followed by the lead singer, Piotrowski.  Told police Piotrowski began kissing her as she finished using the bathroom, and she began resisting when he started undoing her belt.  She said she wanted to leave the bus with her friend (Woman 2), but a band member indicated her friend had already left, saying, “You have to have fun. She left you.”  Attempted to push Piotrowski away but he grabbed her arm and spun her around to where she was facing the sink and mirror in the bathroom.  She saw in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye each of the band members taking turns raping her.

Woman 2:  The friend, meanwhile, said she watched the band members rape the other woman (Woman 1), and Piotrowski asked her to perform oral sex on him. When the friend  (Woman 2) refused, “she was pushed to the ground and received bruises to her knees and shins.”  Shortly after leaving the tour bus and driving away, at 12:43 p.m., the friend was pulled over on North Washington Street near West Boone Avenue on suspicion of driving under the influence.  In the back seat of a patrol car, the friend was allowed to use her cellphone to call the other woman (Woman 1), who reported the rape. A state trooper said he couldn’t help without a specific location and proceeded with his DUI investigation.

Woman 1:  Described her body as feeling broken. After an unknown amount of time, she told police, Kieltyka helped her put her clothing on and carried her out of the bus with another male.  Walked north from The Pin and called several family members before calling 911. An officer found her near North Post Street and West Buckeye Avenue, about 2 miles from the venue. The officer also stopped by The Pin and checked the area for the tour bus, but the band had already left Spokane for their next venue. Was taken to Providence Holy Family Hospital for a sexual assault examination.  Detectives noted she had significant bruising to her upper arms consistent with being restrained and small abrasions to her knuckles that were scabbed over. During the rape, she said, she was digging her fist into the wall to try and distract herself from what was happening.

According to the court documents all four members of Decapitated were interviewed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday ( September 7th).

Lysejko, the drummer, made no comment other than he did not know who the girls were when shown a picture of them. He said he would not talk without using a translator

Kieltyka, the lead guitarist, told detectives he saw both Piotrowski and Wiecek engaged in a sex acts with the woman in the bathroom. He agreed to have a DNA swab collected as evidence.

Piotrowski admitted there was a party on the bus and (the women) were present. He then requested an attorney and a translator refusing to make any further statements. He declined to give a DNA sample.

Wiecek, the bassist, admitted the women had been on the bus, but said he sat on the couch and did not see what was going on, He then said he needed a translator so he did not misspeak. He also said no one was forced to get on the bus. He then said he did not recall what happened.  Wiecek also declined to give a DNA sample.

A fifth man, Wojciech Cichocki, told detectives he was asleep in the cab of the tour bus and never saw the woman who reported being raped. Cichocki said he only briefly saw the friend who was later pulled over. He also made a reference to (her) Instagram account but would not elaborate on it.

All four men are being held in Los Angeles County Jail awaiting extradition to Spokane, which may take up to 30 days.

In my opinion, there are a lot of ‘wait what?’ moments in this entire situation from the women’s stories to a couple members of the band.  For starters, the moment the victim (Woman 1) says Lysejko grabbed her breast without her permission on the bus, this should have prompted the women to get out of there.  While these guys are ‘celebrities’, they are strangers, and a stranger touching you in a way that makes you uncomfortable means you get the hell out of there.  Especially a group of strangers.  I completely understand that the women may have been star struck and maybe excited that ‘celebrities’ wanted to hang out with them on their tour bus, this is probably why they remained on the tour bus after Woman 1 was originally groped without her permission but who knows….

Woman 1 says she becomes uncomfortable, the guys speak to one another in Polish, a language neither women understand, and then the vibe changes, she is no longer having fun.  She starts feeling as though that her and her friend are possibly in danger so she gives her friend (Woman 2) the eye to get out of there.  Woman 2 doesn’t notice the ‘sign’, so Woman 1 gets up to the use the bathroom and is followed by Piotrowski.  

Woman 1 at this point says she feels like they are ‘prey’ i.e. in a dangerous situation, so it is odd that she if she feels uncomfortable that her reaction is to get up and walk to the bathroom…..on the tour bus.  If you haven’t been on a tour bus before, they are a good size but they are not THAT BIG, and with at least 6 people (excluding Cichocki who is sleeping in a bunk), it isn’t as though anyone is doing karate in the walkway, not to mention the bathrooms are typically fairly small and toward the middle or rear of the bus.  I suppose you are wondering what I’m getting at, well here it goes; Woman 1 felt like they are in danger but she gets up, leaving Woman 2 alone with the band members (4 to be exact), and walks by herself, to the smallest and only completely enclosed space on the bus, thereby putting herself and her friend in more danger?  Okay, maybe Woman 1 REALLY had to go and couldn’t hold it, but why wouldn’t  she use that as the excuse to get out of the situation that she felt so uncomfortable in?  Why would she leave her friend alone with four strange men, that she feels unsafe around, especially when one has already groped her without her permission?  It doesn’t make sense at all.

Standard tour bus bathroom example

Woman 1 says that Piotrowski follows her to the bathroom and begins to kiss her while she is finishing up (I’m going to assume she is peeing because if she was pooping, that is really disturbing).  Who the hell tries to make out with someone in the world’s smallest bathroom (seriously a standard tour bus bathroom is not big enough for two people) and does so when the person is just standing up from taking a piss?  Only a weirdo.  Woman 1 again becomes uncomfortable when Piotrowski attempts to unbuckle her belt…...did an alarm bell just go off in your pretty little head?  If it didn’t, it should have.  He is kissing her when she is getting ready to stand up, so her pants aren’t up yet or if they are, her belt isn’t buckled. Which means her belt doesn’t need to be removed, why would Piotrowski allow her to pull up her pants, fastened her belt, only to immediately try to undo it again?   1+1 = 3 here.

Woman 1 begins to struggle with Piotrowski and indicates she wants to leave with Woman 2 and that is when one of the band members is heard by Woman 1 saying that Woman 2 had already left, leaving her there alone to ‘have fun’.  It is at this point that Woman 1 says Piotrowski spun her around by her arm, so that she faced the sink and mirror, and began to rape her.  Woman 1 says she saw out of the corner of her eye and in the mirror each of the four band members taking turns raping her.

Woman 2 also says she watched each of the band members rape Woman 1….did another alarm just go off for you?  Didn’t someone say Woman 2 had left BEFORE Piotrowski started raping Woman 1?  If she was gone, how did Woman 2 see each of the four members rape Woman 1?  It is possible whoever said that Woman 2 left lied, but tour buses aren’t THAT BIG, remember?  So Woman 2 could have easily spoken up and let her friend know that she hadn’t really left her there with four strange men.  Or is it possible that Woman 2 lied about seeing the rapes occur to firm up her friend’s story?  But why would she lie?  I will get to that….but, honestly, the story just keeps getting more odd as it goes on.

We will come back Woman 2 in a moment.

So the above picture is a standard tour bus bathroom, Decapitated, isn’t Metallica or Megadeth, so they aren’t traveling in a million dollar tour bus, it is most likely they rented a basic model, no frills (as in the sample picture).  Woman 1 says she sees each of the four band members rape her, I have to ask are they standing in line like school boys going to lunch? How are they coming in one after another to rape her in the bathroom?  And if they are standing there waiting, why doesn’t Woman 2 call the police on her cell phone?  Most likely because she was long gone.  It is also possible that when Piotrowski finished raping Woman 1, he began to intimidate Woman 2, so she couldn’t call for help.  But I have to ask why doesn’t Woman 1 turn around and fight back, especially after Piotrowski finishes?  There has to be a lag between the men, even a couple of seconds for one to shimmy out while the other shimmies in. How is there no time for her to turn around and fight back or even scream?  Maybe she was afraid or in shock?  Maybe, but there are a lot of maybes and possibilities in this story and there are many more to come.

Back to Woman 2, who indicates that after Piotrowski rapes Woman 1, he approaches her and demands oral sex, when she says no, he pushes her to the ground and she bruises her knees and shins.  She doesn’t mention if this was inside or outside of the bus but how does she bruise immediately when pushed down or how does she know that she was bruised? If she is outside, why doesn’t she scream for help?  Security was more than likely still around the venue, or even passers-by hoping to catch a glimpse of one of bands, she couldn’t call out for help for her friend that was being raped inside or in another room on the bus?  She didn’t have a moment to text someone to dial 911 when the guys were distracted?  The answer is probably no because Woman 2 was no longer on the bus.  And if the other band members raped Woman 1, why wouldn’t one or two of them rape Woman 2 instead of being 3rd or 4th in the gang rape line?  There are two women and only one gets raped by all four men, while the other woman just sits on the couch and listens.  It seems like at least one of them would have forced himself on Woman 2, even if it was just a groping, but that isn’t in the report.

At some point Woman 2, says she manages to get to her car, it doesn’t appear with a struggle.  She drives away, leaving Woman 1 in the bus being raped, Woman 2 doesn’t call 911, she just goes.  A little while later Woman 2 gets pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, she is a couple of miles away from the venue, approximately an hour and 45 minutes after security says the show ended.  The officer allows her to call Woman 1 from the back of the patrol car, Woman 1 is walking but isn’t certain of her exact location. The officer tells Woman 2 that they can’t help Woman 1 without a specific location and proceed with their DUI investigation.  Did you just get that weird feeling that something is wrong again?  Of course you did, because something doesn’t smell right. Woman 2 tells police that her friend is wandering in the middle of the night, the police disregard this serious situation, and continue to investigate Woman 2 for a DUI, but they were kind enough to let her call Woman 1 from the backseat of the cruiser?  They couldn’t complete their investigation after they tried to figure out where Woman 1 was?  Maybe the officers were being dicks, seems odd they would let someone use their phone to call a friend, but they wouldn’t attempt to locate the friend who is wandering around in the night.

So when Woman 2 calls, Woman 1 picks up the phone…..presumably the rapes have ended by this time, Woman 1 is aware and safe enough to answer the phone.  So like Woman 2, Woman 1 gets away from the band but she doesn’t call the police, she calls several family members, more than likely looking for a ride home because she is stranded.  When Woman 2 calls Woman 1 and the also police can’t help Woman 1 because they don’t know where she is, Woman 1 dials 911 to report the kidnapping and rape.  Did you go hmmm again?  Is it possible Woman 1 falsely reported the kidnapping and rape to the 911 operator because she was lost, alone, and wandering drunk in the middle of the night and thought if she reported a serious crime such as rape and kidnapping that the police would use GPS to find her so she would have a ride home?

Of course after dialing 911, the police locate Woman 1 and she is taken to Providence Holy Family Hospital for a rape examination; police indicate she had severe bruising on her arms consistent with being restrained and small abrasions on her knuckles that had scabbed over.  Did you get that something just isn’t right feeling again?  Woman 1 indicated she was bent over the sink in the tour bus bathroom the entire time she was being raped, so the rapes took pace from behind, there was no need to restrain her.  According to her accusations, she was sandwiched between a sink and a man while being raped.  How would her assailant grab her arms, to the point of severe bruising within a couple of hours, when she is in that position?  And why bother?  She can’t go anywhere.  If anything, they would grab her by her hair or squish her face into the counter/sink, if they were looking to keep her under control or humiliate her.  She tells police that the small abrasions on her knuckles were from her digging her knuckles into the wall during the rapes trying to distract herself from what was happening to her…..how is the same person restraining the top of her arms, but she is bent over the sink, with her hands in front of her, grinding into the wall?  It is completely possible that she dug them into the wall for a little bit and one of the band members grabbed her arms before the rapes occurred, but she didn’t mention that in the report.  And again, it is something that doesn’t make sense with the rape story.

Woman 1 says when it was all over, Kieltyka helped her put her clothes back on and then carried her out of the bus with the help of another man.  That is awfully nice of Kieltyka, to help Woman 1 get dressed and then physically carry her off the bus, after he allegedly raped her.  The band leaves the venue parking lot on their way to the next city of the tour.

Waclaw Kieltyka

Looking again at the timeline, it is slightly less than 2 hours from the time the show ends and Woman 2 is pulled over by police, shortly after that Woman 1 is picked by police after she makes a 911 call reporting her kidnapping.  In a 2 hour span of time, these women managed to have some drinks, one was raped by four men, the other was physically assaulted by one of the men, one was pulled over for a suspected DUI, and the one that was raped had the opportunity to walk 2 miles after being allegedly raped before being picked up by police after her calls to her family were not successful.  These women make moves if this entire story  is true.

Decapitated has toured for over 20 years, around the world, with no criminal records or prior allegations (trust me, I looked everywhere trying to find something) and they suddenly decide to gang rape and hold someone against their will?  Their criminal activity escalated pretty quickly if that is the case and it just seems a bit strange that not one but FOUR of them decide to rape someone for presumably their first time, together.  Especially when they are in a foreign country where they earn a significant portion of their living touring, why would they would risk that? It does not compute for me.

When the band was interviewed by police, Kieltyka indicated that he saw Piotrowski and Wiecek engage in consensual sex acts with Woman 1.  He is the only band member that agreed to a DNA swab as evidence, the others refused.  Wiecek admitted the women were willingly on the bus, but said he was on the couch the entire time so he didn’t see what happened and later changing his story and saying he didn’t recall what happened, then requested a translator so he didn’t misspeak.

Which is another what the hell moment, Kieltyka indicated that he saw Wiecek engage in sex acts with Woman 1, so why did Wiecek lie if he didn’t do anything wrong?  Piotrowski indicated there was a party on the bus and the women were present, he requested a translator so that he didn’t misspeak, and did not mention having sex with Woman 1 (he also didn’t say that he didn’t have sex with her).  Lysejko claimed not to know who the women were when shown a picture by police and indicated he couldn’t speak without a translator.

Obviously only the women and these four guys know the truth about what happened in Spokane on August 31st, I hope the truth comes out sooner than later.  From my point of view the two women have a lot of holes and weird inconsistencies in their stories but then Wiecek seemingly lied to police, so the entire situation is extremely strange.

In my unprofessional opinion, Woman 1 got drunk, willingly had sex with Piotrowski and WiecekWoman 2 got upset that none of the band members wanted to have sex with her, so she left.  When it was time for the guys to leave, Woman 1 was left stranded, she tried finding a ride with some family members but was unsuccessful so she called 911 reporting her kidnapping.

I hope that I am wrong, as any female that falsely claims rape is as big of a piece of shit as an actual rapist.  Rape is serious, it takes every thing from a person, and every false accusation results in ten actual victims being doubted. If Woman 1 was actually raped, then those that participated need to suffer the consequences, but if these women are lying, they need to be held accountable because these guys will NEVER live this down, even if it is proven to be #fakenews.  If the men are innocent, they need to fully cooperate with the police to clear their names and if these women are lying, they need to confess before this goes any further.

For the record, I’m not a detective, I just play one on TV 😉


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on September 13, 2017