Dead Man’s Hand – Til Karma Forgets
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016
Dead Man’s Hand released their new album Til Karma Forgets in April 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  Dead Man’s Hand got its start in the Seattle music scene in 2012, eventually relocating to Kansas City in 2013.  By 2014 the quartet would win Best New Artist in the Midwest Music Awards and 2015 heavy radio rotation and additional nominations.
The opening tracks of Til Karma Forgets are good, listenable, enjoyable, but nothing that will make listeners stop what they are doing to crank up the radio, that is until “Paint a Picture”, this is when Dead Man’s Hand begins to expose what is underneath the covers.  And what is there is really good.  “Paint a Picture” and “So What” show their ferocity and the group’s ability to bring it. The guys are straight up mosh rock, if a fan were to push a neighbor down the stairs while listening to Til Karma Forgets, the jury just may understand.
While Til Karma Forgets is not mind blowing, it will give fans just enough to keep listening.  It also sets the stage for what Dead Man’s Hand is capable of.  Dead Man’s Hand is sure to earn some new fans from Til Karma Forgets, which is well deserved.