Progressive power thrash Texans Dead Earth Politics released their third album of a three year trilogy, The Mobius Hammersmith, on March 3rd and it is crystal clear how they’ve been voted best Austin band four years running. Bridging sub-genres of metal, to create an eclectic yet electric metal sound.

The Mobius Hammersmith goes above and beyond what one tends to expect from “local” Southern metal. The Mobius Hammersmith is more like the soundtrack to a hero’s blood quest for glory or revenge, rather than just a heavy metal album. Creating a sonic landscape that is no less than a metal work of art. The Mobius Hammersmith is heavily reminiscent of  Brendon Small’s Galaktikon (this comparison is not made lightly, Galaktikon is worlds beyond typical heavy metal albums). Tracks such as “The Mobius Hammersmith”, “Balancing Broken Scales”, and “Broadwings and Distant Shores” display the ferocity, melodic might and strong composition the band has mastered. To create such a potent, expansive atmosphere in only five tracks and two bonus songs is a feat in itself; few full length albums capture what The Mobius Hammersmith does in a relatively small space.

From beginning to end of The Mobius Hammersmith you see exactly what Dead Earth Politics is capable of and they do not disappoint. If you enjoy truly well molded metal that pushes the boundaries of its craft then The Mobius Hammersmith is without a doubt an album you should purchase today!

1. Runescarred
2. The Mobius Hammersmith
3. Balancing Broken Scales
4. Wretched Things
5. Broad Wings & Distant Shores
6. Redneck Dragonslayer (Bonus Track)
7. Ice & Fire (Bonus Track)

Mason – Drums
Lennis – Bass
Tim – Guitar
Ven – Vocals
Aaron – Guitar

Check out Dead Earth Politics here:
Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on March 28, 2017
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