June 2nd brings up the sophomore sonic assault of Dead Asylum, the Vancouver thrashers are hitting hard and heavy here. Death Always Wins is 8 incendiary tracks that will fill the souls of metal heads with venomous delights. Bringing to mind heavy weights like Lamb of God, Death or Superjoint Ritual, this album is like a manifesto for the merits of insane riffs and cut throat drumming.

From the bombastic opening track “Defiance Dead” Asylum makes the mission statement quite clear, “Prepare to have your face shredded and enjoy it.” Each track is blistering and absolutely furious yet like the best of seasoned pros it never feels rushed. The vocals though not the most diverse fit these blazing songs perfectly. This album ain’t about dancing, though the groove is definitely there nestled inside all this sweet, sweet metal madness. Dead Asylum masterfully maintains a balance between chaos and charisma, as the chorus of “Death Always Wins” drills into your skull through your speakers or headphones it’s almost impossible fight the urge to mosh no matter where you are.

The true beauty of Death Always Wins is it gets the listener engrossed within the high energy atmosphere it’s creating. When you finish this album more likely than not the first thought going through your head will be “Damn homie if it was banging that hard over my speakers, just how sick are they live?” After which you’re gonna wanna dig up as much knowledge as you can on Dead Asylum, so let the journey begin with Death Always Wins because June 2nd is just around the corner and this is one thrash metal trip every metalhead is gonna wanna take.

1. Defiance
2. Death Always Wins
3. Between Me and the Grave
4. Bury the Living
5. Forgotten Sacrifice
6. Bred to Die
7. Welcome
8. Inmate 666

Dead Asylum is:
Mike Lister – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Roger Mowat – Vocals/Bass
Eric Morrison – Lead Guitar
Samantha Landa – Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 31, 2017