I don’t really have much to say here, Dawn Patrol dropped this album over a year ago and it still doesn’t have any traction. The press kit has one song in it which would be fine if this was a preview to a new album… but it’s not. However I’m not so easily dissuaded so I dug up a few of the tracks on The Dawn of Steel on shit like YouTube and was even less impressed by what I found.

When readers come here I expect them to be looking for realness as solid as the metal we bring you, so when I’m handed a shit sandwich I’m not going to tell you it’s just pimento loaf. The fact is, this band is like a not good version of say Bio-Hazard or Static-X, but this album is a theme album (which I love – peep my critiques on bands like Ayreon or GOD) and on a personal note one of my favorite bands ever is Ghost, so I can definitely get behind themes. This one, however, is a disjointed collection of “would be kind of impressive on college radio that got old quick” tracks. There’s no one element to nail down for that and to be honest, the album’s sole saving grace for me is the bassist’s tone and style. Mostly just his tone – he’s nailed a sick sound, and I’ll admit that with no strings attached to that comment. But overall, this shit is just not good. There’s a track or two such as Station 211″ where the guitars, bass and drums click in a way that picks up the overall slack of this album but it’s not enough to save this effort.

With so many dope acts out right now who deserve extra shine, this one barely even makes the list of honorable mentions. On the bright side though, if you haven’t heard their new drops yet, Succumb, PageNinetyNine, Ayreon, GOLD, Fire From the Gods, and quite a few others have some scorching albums out now. So while this album might be a dud, it’s all good; the rest of 2017 is still looking just fine.

Bloodrock Rating:  1.5 out of 5

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 3, 2017