Symphonic black metal band Dawn of Ashes will be releasing their 7th album Daemonolatry Gnosis on June 9th.

Dawn of Ashes has revolutionized the symphonic metal genre with this monstrous release; classical instruments ringing behind overwhelming guitar riffs, a choir singing over powerful drums. Tracks such as “Smash Thy Enemies” are orchestrated to be melodic and catchy, but still brutal enough to blare. Other tracks, such as “Guardians” will begin with a minor, horror movie-esque tone.

Daemonolatry Gnosis will leave you begging for more of the sheer brutality that is Dawn of Ashes.

Listen to “Guardians” here:

Kristof Bathory / Vocals
Raum / Guitars
Angel Dies / Bass
Bahemoth / Keyboards
Brandon Rage / Drums

The Initiation
Gods of the Antinomian Path
Smash Thy Enemies
Core of the Black Sun
The Ritual
Sermon From the Horned God
I am Nephilim
Rulership of the Inner World
Magick for the New Aeon
Freezing Moon

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Written by JB McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on April 25, 2017
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