Danish NORÐ released an anticipated debut EP and reveals another lyric video!

Danish NORÐ have released their anticipated debut EP Alpha. The band have enchanted both media and fans with their unique music which is almost impossible to describe. This one is a must listen!

“Highly recommended and highly original”
Autoeroticasphyxium Zine

”All in all an excellent debut from NORД
Zware Metalen 

“When you think you know the formula of NORÐ, they break it up and throw something new into it and surprise you again”
Metal A Day 

“If this is how NORÐ is beginning their careers, then we will be hearing A LOT from them in the future”
Bloodrock Media 

“a very strong debut and I can rate it about as highly as it is possible to do so for a four track.”
Justin Hulford 

An official video “Kill The Marshalls” is available here:

And the whole EP is available for streaming on Spotify here:

Track list:
1. Kill the Marshalls
2. Rosehip Garden
3. Restless
4. Omega

Bjarne Brogaard Matthiesen: Vocals
Niels Thybæk-Hansen: Guitar
Thomas Bøgh Jensen: Guitar
Peter Littau: Bass
Magnus Elisson: Drums


NORÐ - Kill The Marshalls (Official Lyrics Video)
NORÐ – Kill The Marshalls (Official Lyrics Video)