My first impressions from listening to the newest offering from Quebec’s Daedalean Complex was one of perplexion, but it quickly morphed into a nice reinforcement of a theory I have about bands and artists that don’t live in the more influential areas like L.A, New York, and Sweden.

The short story is, I believe that bands who don’t live in those areas are going to, generally, produce better, more unique music than those cities all bands want to be huge in. The reason being is that since metal bands in L.A., New York, and Sweden all tend to sort of model off each other, bands in other areas, like midwestern US and Canada, are going to combine more styles in their music that swarm in to the more central areas.

You’ll of course get a PLETHORA of Pantera wannabes (especially where I live), but then you’ll get a band like Daedalean Complex, whose newest album, After the Fall, is fuckin’ awesome stuff- and I say this as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of black metal.

This is the band’s fourth full length album, and I can see why PRC puts money behind them. What can easily become a band indistinguishable from genre greats like Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir, these guys don’t sound – comfortably – like any of that. They’ve managed to carve out a somewhat unique sound that mashes black metal with the more listenable stuff like Dragonforce or a lot of today’s djenty stuff. What comes out is this weird mishmash of song styles that, in total, make for a hell of a ride.

My favorite track, hands down, is “Under the Umbrella,” – it brings together a lot of different vocal styles all in four and a half minutes. I think I counted like four different vocal stylings in the one song!

Another really kickass song was “Parasite,” which is later in the disk. When bands effectively combine so many different styles, it really does become a treat to listen to.

It doesn’t get boring either, which is impressive given the album’s length, which is well over an hour – rare today.

The sucky part is, music that is truly unique usually doesn’t get the crowd it deserves. I hope these guys are different in that regard, because they could really use a good bump!

All in all, I really like After the Fall. Daedalean Complex brings all the complexity of black metal together with the listenability of the more mainstream styles like djent or epic metal, and I didn’t once think of Dani Filth‘s ugly mug! For all this, I give After the Fall a 4 out of 5! Good job, guys!

After the Fall dropped October 27, 2017.

FFO: Cradle of Filth, Dargonforce, Raunchy

Daedalus – Lead Vocals, Piano & Orchestration
Idrys – Drums
Fred Bedard – Lead & Rhytmn Guitars / Studio Bass
Jay – Lead & Rhytmn Guitars

Through the Ishtar Gate
The Fall of Icarus
Frozen Shade
Under the Umbrella
The Illusion of Freedom
Distant Dreams
Garden of Lies
The Cosmological Riddle
Elysian Fields
A Grim Myriad
The Wanderer
To Etemenanki

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Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media, January 30, 2018