German metalcore quintet, Cry My Name, is scheduled to release their new album, Reflections, April 21st, courtesy of Bastardized Recordings. Fueled by aggressive hardcore beats, angry riffs, hard chorus hooks, and roller-grooves, Cry My Name, is fresher and more dynamic than ever.
Reflections miraculously manages to straddle the line between angst filled youthful nostalgia and more adult post hardcore greatness. The youthfulness, yet maturity of Cry My Name gives the band a much broader appeal; Reflections is is not teen-y bopper tunes, nor is it parental easy listening rock. For fans looking to do some musical spring cleaning, Reflections couldn’t drop at a better time, while undoubtedly metal, it also has a vibrancy and energy to it that is refreshing (can we even say that in metal?). Cry My Name does a great job of maintaining ferocity, while not being ‘over the top’ or adding the all too familiar depressing undertone of post hardcore.
Reflections is a solid addition to any music catalog and will be especially appealing to those seeking some fresh catchy tunes, that do not compromise artistic value, or heaviness for the sake commercial radio. When a band is as good as Cry My Name and they put out an album as killer as Reflections, their star will rise, regardless if they are recognized by the mainstream media or not. Fans will find them and the band will thrive. Do not forget to pick up Reflections on April 21st.
For fans of : A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Bury Tomorrow
1. Patience
2. Changes
3. Restless
4. Backbone
5. Recover
6. Lost
7. Castles
8. Reflections
9. Relentless
10. Awakening

Cedric Bench – Vocals
Patrick Troitzsch – Guitar
Sascha Troitzsch – Guitar
Raphael Adamek – Bass
Thomas Schink – Drums

Check out Cry My Name here:
Written by Ken Kaizer on March 26, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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