Hard as rusty nails and twice as unforgiving, Cripper is back to tear shit up and leave you begging for more with their latest drop Follow Me: Kill!  They prove yet again just how ferocious they are. With four albums already under their belt, Cripper has more than proved their metal merit but now its time to takes things up another notch with this one.

Right out the gates, Cripper comes swinging and hard as hell, the aptly titled “Pressure” does just that by jamming raw as hell metal right down your throat. Britta Gortz’s vocals assault all your senses with no shred of mercy. If you didn’t know or you had them fucked up, then you just got set straight and that’s just the first track. Launching “Into the Fire” without a moment’s hesitation, the riffs rip off faces like no other as the chorus roars “RESUSCITATE, KILL!!!” – simple yet powerful and damn catchy. “World Coming Down” gives the illusion things are slowing down a bit, but nothing could be further from the truth. In no time at all the guitars, bass and drums kick like a rabid mule and bring things right back to a ferocious pace. At times it does slow down a bit tempo wise, but never once does the track lose any of its intensity. “Mother” is more of a slick speed metal type track, still heavy as an elephant corpse but more catchy, with some riffs that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head long after the song ends. The next really ripping track has to be the stand out “Bleeding Red”, with its truly intense vocals including some long ass roars that prove just how hardcore Britta Gortz really is on the mic. On the flip side she does get a little more personal with the closing vocals of “Comatose” dropping in some “cleans” that hit you right in the feels but without portraying weakness, just realness.

Rarely does an album get handed to you that sells itself so well. Loaded all throughout with catchy-without-being-mindless tripe, these tracks are also bringing more metal than if they just straight up dropped a tank on your damn head. The album is out now, and if you didn’t already know Cripper was the shit then it’s definitely time to learn by copping this album with the quickness.

1. Pressure
2. Into the Fire
3. World Coming Down
4. Mother
5. Shoot or Get Shot
6. Bleeding Red
7. Comatose
8. Pretty Young Thing
9. Running High
10. Menetekel

Britta Görtz – vocals
Christian Bröhenhorst – guitar
Jonathan Stenger – guitar
Lommer – bass
Dennis Weber – drums

Rating: 4.5 outta 5 axes

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Written by Ken Kaiser for Bloodrock Media on September 18, 2017