With less than two weeks remaining before the release of their second full-length, CRAVEN IDOL has unleashed another track from The Shackles of Mammon
Teaming with German site Deaf Forever, the band recently launched the premiere of “The Trudge.” Another example of the unabashedly old-school and ruthless blackened thrash that is Craven Idol, “The Trudge” is a song best played at ear-piercing (and pain-inducing) volumes. 
Damage yourself HERE.   
The Shackles of Mammon will be released April 14 on LP, CD, and MC via Dark Descent Records. 
Pre-order the album now at darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com.
CRAVEN IDOL live dates:

April 8th – London @ Black Heart
April 15th – Glasgow @ North Of The Wall Fest
May 15th – London @ Underworld w/ Nifelheim 

Vrath – Vocals, Guitars
Obscenitor – Guitar
Suspiral – Bass
Heretic Blades – Drums