Comatose Music has recently signed a deal North Carolina brutal death metal trio Cranial Bleeding.

Spawned in late 2015, Cranial Bleeding began as a two man project with Justin (Vituperate) on vocals and Blake (Putrefying Cadaverment / ex-Abhorrent Deformity) on guitar. After releasing a three song demo (with programmed drums) in early 2016, they soon recruited Matt (Abhorrent Deformity / ex-Kraanium) on drums and recorded a follow up demo that caught the attention of Comatose Music.

Cranial Bleeding is currently writing for their upcoming debut album, Vile Formations of Putridity that is slated to be released in late 2017. Brace yourself for a murderous campaign of unforgiving torture complete with abusive riffs, relentless drums and a septic guttural vocal attack. Fans of Disgorge, Defeated Sanity and Gorgasm take notice.