T’was the day after Faster Horses Festival, when all thro’ the fields
The campers departed and the obnoxious amount of litter was revealed
Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and more
The weekend’s drunken debauchery leaving the MIS a waste-filled eyesore
A petition is circulating to reduce the future post-festival trash thrown about
It is asking for festival goers to properly dispose of their garbage or get thrown the fuck out

Brooklyn, Michigan – This past weekend the Faster Horses Festival brought 40,000 country music fans to the Michigan International Speedway for the 5th year in a row.  The three-day festival is said to be ‘the party of the summer’, providing camping accommodations on the MIS grounds which allows the party to continue well after the last artist of the night performs.  One would think that spending the entire day in the 90 degree temperatures, ridiculous humidity, and unforgiving sun would exhaust festival-goers but it appears, country music fans have some sort of mutant abilities to keep the party going and the trash flowing.

There is a petition being circulated calling for Live Nation and Live Nation Country Music president Brian O’Connell to introduce stricter rules and harsher punishment to campers that leave their site a mess including no longer being able to reserve a campsite for the festival and being charged a campsite cleaning fee.  The fact that a petition is even necessary is pitiful, these are adults that attend this thing….what the hell is wrong with these people? It also makes you wonder, is this what they do at home?  Do they just throw garbage all over their yard and expect someone else to pick it up?  Probably not, so why the hell do they think it is okay to do it in public?

I also need to know, is this a country music thing?  We attend Rock on the Range every year where there is a camping package, the camping area is absolutely pristine when everyone leaves.  So the disaster left after Faster Horses is something I’ve never seen before and just cannot wrap my head around.  Hell, we were just at Vans Warped Tour last week, which is bursting at the seams with ‘entitled millennials‘ (<—insert sarcasm font here) and the festival is clean.  Like really, really clean.  Not because there is festival staff with brooms running around like it is Festival Tycoon (my version of Rollercoaster Tycoon from back in the day) trying to improve guest satisfaction, it is because festival-goers aren’t complete assholes just throwing garbage everywhere.  And these are kids…..and somehow they know better, so how does this concept elude this particular festival’s patrons?

The campers and festival-goers at Faster Horses should be ashamed of themselves and honestly should haul their asses back to MIS to help clean up, it is the right thing to do.  Not only because they made this ridiculous, obnoxious mess but rather, garbage is bad for the environment.  You know, the thing that keeps all the living things on this planet alive?  Fucking take care of it, don’t be an asshole.  Pick up your garbage, pick up someone else’s garbage if they fail to do so.  No, it isn’t your job to clean up after other people at a festival but it is YOUR job to take care of this planet, it is all of our job.  Not to mention, the person making minimum wage cleaning up after your disgusting, adult ass does not make enough to pick up your piss filled bottles and vomit soaked napkins.  Get your shit together; when high school kids have more common sense than adults about cleanliness and respect for their surroundings that is really, really sad.  As for Live Nation, I’d go even more strict than the petition is calling for; require a campsite deposit, hire a company that does inspections, and the deposit is only returned if their site and the sites surrounding theirs is litter free.  That’s right, even their neighbor’s site is clean…I bet that changes their behavior real quick and brings back these pigs sense of community.

If you’d like to sign the petition, as I did, you can do so here.  As of the time I wrote this, the petition only needs 77 more signatures to reach its goal of 7,500, so do your part!


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on July 25, 2016