UK based metalcore group Confessions of a Traitor are set to release their second EP, Illuminate, on June 13th, courtesy of Sliptrick Records.

Confessions of a Traitor are definitely not your average metalcore group. While sticking to the classic essentials of metalcore, primarily chuggy riffs and emotional chord progressions, guitarists Jack Darnell and Dominic Pool managed to significantly evolve from the cliches of metalcore guitar-work by tastefully applying scrape and pinch harmonics; techniques not commonly used in the genre. Vocally, Stephen MacConville perfectly fits the aggressive niche the band requires. In tracks such as “Illuminating the Night”, the healthy hybrid of clean and unclean vocals significantly contrast each other, giving the track diversity; which is what Confessions of a Traitor seem to strive for throughout Illuminate.  A track that is certain to stand out, “The Fires We Burn Are Boundless” does not have any clean vocals; only infinitely ranged growls with an unarguably captivating sound that is guaranteed to catch the ear of listeners.

Illuminate is flawless, catchy, and will without failure have fans cranking the volume all the way up.  While remaining true to the fundamentals of their genre, Confessions of a Traitor, take Illuminate to the next level by incorporating brilliant and unexpected guitar work, top notch vocals, and varied style from track to track to keep fans on their toes.   Make sure to grab your copy on June 13th!

Listen to “Through Struggle, Hope Will Anchor Our Souls” here

FFO:  Like Moths to Flames, Wage War, and Adestria.

In Darkness, Ignite the Spark
The Fires We Burn Are Boundless
The Light We Possess is Relentless
Through Struggle, Hope Will Anchor Our Souls
Illuminating the Light

Stephen MacConville / Vocals
Jack Darnell / Guitar
Dominic Pool / Guitar
Seb Olrog / Drums
Tony Nagle / Bass

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Bloodrock Media Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 12, 2017