Photo courtesy of Janelle’s GoFundMe page

I seriously cannot hold my tongue any longer, this has to be said:


This ‘rant’ is specifically about the Janelle Dunnaway GoFundMe account and her injuries from a moshpit incident at a recent Spite show.

First, if you do not want to contribute to the GoFundMe, guess what?  You can simply choose not to donate.  There is absolutely  no need to spread rumors or question whether her injuries actually occurred or not….IN PUBLIC!  Seriously?  What the hell is wrong with people (I seriously feel like I’m asking this question on a daily basis these days)?  You think because you have a keyboard in front of you that you are the all knowing?  Or that you read some other social media tough guy’s post(s) or comment(s) elsewhere and you just run with that information versus actually stopping to think…..why am I doing this?  Why did this other person do this (i.e. go out of their way to discredit Janelle)?  No, instead what you supposed adults, that post all day, every day about anti-bullying, ARE DOING IS GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO BULLY SOMEONE YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW!   EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT THIS SHOW, THAT ACTUALLY WITNESSED THE ACCIDENT, HAS SAID SHE WAS INJURED, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES.  So donate or choose not to donate, share the request for donations or choose not to share the request for donations….those are the only decisions you need to make.  You do not have the right to bully someone, that you do not even know, because you think you have information and you are doing the right thing. I am going to say this once and once only, YOU ARE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING IF YOU ARE SPREADING RUMORS.

Second, do you really think anyone who attends concerts doesn’t know that getting in the pit and/or crowd surfing is dangerous?  It is part of the experience for some people AND MOST OF YOU TALKING SHIT HAVE BEEN IN THE PIT!  And does it really matter if she was in the pit or on the outskirts of the pit when she was injured?  Does it matter if she was in the pit all night long and had stepped out and then injured?  NO, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  She was injured at the show.  So the exact HOW and WHY are completely irrelevant.  She was injured and her friends, not even Janelle herself, reached out to the COMMUNITY (remember this fucking word people) asking for help with her medical bills because the bill came in at over $21K.  Does it matter if she put herself in the situation at the show or not?  NO, it does not matter.  If I get into a car accident and asked my COMMUNITY for help with my medical bills, no one is going to say ‘well she knew the risks of driving a car’ or if I am walking down the sidewalk and were to be hit by a car, no one is going to say ‘well she was in a car yesterday and she knew the risks of walking near a road’.  Janelle’s injuries are exactly the same thing.  So stop being fucking assholes.  It was an accident, she needs help.  Help or don’t help, otherwise STFU!

Third, the latest bullshit is people asking ‘wasn’t she at a show two, three, five days later?  So her injuries can’t be that bad.’  IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  And her attending a show AFTER she was injured is completely irrelevant to to the fact she was injured.  She is a young girl, she doesn’t have to sit in the house toothless and crying, never attending another show due to the fear of being harmed again….JUST BECAUSE YOU JUDGEY MCJUDGERTONS THINK THAT IS WHAT SHE SHOULD DO.  True story, I had major surgery, I was told to stay in bed for two weeks, guess what?  I am not the type of person who can lay around for two weeks, so by day two I was up cleaning my house.  You do not get to determine Janelle’s activities…You do not get to dictated her pain level…You simply have a choice to donate or not to donate.  That is it.  Nothing more.

Finally, many of the people I see perpetuating the rumors are those that have ‘liked’ my past social media posts when I talk about those in need being completely annihilated by those behind a keyboard for reaching out to the COMMUNITY (there’s that word again) for assistance.  Maybe these people need help with a security deposit on a new place because they just started their job and have been homeless and unemployed or maybe their house burned down and they need clothes; people on social media think they have the right to belittle and shit on these people…..the same social media warriors that bitch about welfare, go figure!  Not that long ago when people needed help the only people they could look to was their COMMUNITY.  Neighbor helping neighbor.  We’ve lost that.  Now it is what can I do to be the tough guy behind a keyboard?  What can I say today, safely behind my computer screen, that will offend or hurt people?  So those that have ‘liked’ my social media posts about how we need to step up the support for one another and stop the ugliness, you need to be a little introspective because you are THOSE ugly hearted people right now.

Stop being part of the problem, be part of the solution.  Stop being assholes.  The music COMMUNITY is amazing, I regularly see bands that have their gear stolen or their vehicles breaking down while on tour asking for help….guess what?  I don’t see anyone saying ‘they should have had insurance or they should have had an alarm on their trailer/vehicle’ or ‘they should save money before going on tour in the case they need a new vehicle’.  Instead, I see people contribute because COMMUNITY.  In the last week, I’ve been very disappointed with some in the COMMUNITY that I love and support.  I’ve seen people that I have a lot of respect for not be very COMMUNITY oriented.

I ask you all to stop and think about it the next time you go to type something nasty, these are people’s lives.  She is not a celebrity that more than likely won’t see the ugliness you are putting out into the world about her….she deserves, at the very least, respect.  So stop bullying this girl via the internet, you do not know her, you were not at the show, and even if you were or you do know her…..she is part of your COMMUNITY and if you want to/are able to she deserves your support. PERIOD.  And if you can’t or won’t support her, then just mind your own business and move on.  We don’t need you to save us from a GoFundMe account…..we can ignore it.

If you CHOOSE to support Janelle, you can do so here.


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on July 28, 2017