Ah, another day and another controversy…or c*ntroversy rather. What now you may ask, yesterday a video began circulating of The Dickies frontman Leonard Graves Phillips going balls to the wall HAM on someone, presumably female, in the crowd at a stop on Vans Warped Tour.

The video begins with Phillips telling her to kiss his ass (she didn’t), saying he has fucked farm animals that were prettier than her (pics or it didn’t happen), asking the crowd to join in his ‘blow me, blow me’ chant (maybe he really just wanted a blowjay and didn’t know how to ask….) and closing out by calling her a fat cunt (he was nice enough to spell it for her and thank goodness for the tutorial, I thought it was spelled c*nt prior to his schooling).

To be fair the video doesn’t show what occurs before Phillips begins word vomiting via microphone. But based on his words (he used a lot of really nice ones and by nice I mean words I use regularly on my daily commute, for example my trademark insult ‘nipple dick’) it appears the person may have been heckling The Dickies from the crowd and Phillips fired back.  I’m not defending his tirade but The Dickies are an old school punk band and old school punk was all about being offensive and rejecting the mainstream.  And what is mainstream right now?  Feelings (when the hell did everyone get those?  It seems everyone is constantly crying and offended these days), equality activism, and political correctness.

With that said, Warped Tour is filled to the brim with millennials (not meant to be an offense use of the word, I have birthed two millennials; one is fully functional adult and the other still a child, both are pretty fucking rad).  Millennials still have feelings; they haven’t been burned by the world nor were they raised watching comedians such as Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy (Raw and Delirious) whom were all about being as offensive as possible and it was fucking hilarious.  So words must be chosen wisely when addressing them, specifically in an argumentative situation.

Millennials, as a rule, probably don’t like the words fat or cunt…..those are trigger words. Body shaming (my parents body shamed me every single day for being thin and having breasticles and sure I struggled with bulimia and wore 12 shirts at a time to hide my body, but I turned out fine….no seriously, I’m fine…I’m not crying, you’re crying) and gender specific insults are a big no-no. So Phillips should have known his audience, the 2017 Warped Tour audience isn’t going to understand that old school punk is/was not PC and that if you heckled a band back in the day, you were probably going to get punched in the face while being called a fat cunt.  Again, not defending Phillips, just stating my opinion (we can still have those right?).

Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, immediately responded to the video by announcing that Warped Tour does not condone this type of behavior and The Dickies would no longer be on the tour. Which is completely understandable; you can’t have bands teaching people how to spell (c.u.n.t.  did I get it right, Phillips?) or insulting the audience, regardless if they insulted you first.  In this day and age you have to tweet the situation to garner more support, then it goes viral, and then you clap back (I think that is the term) if the person tries to defend themselves or tries to apologize (wait, disregard…no one ever acknowledges they may have been wrong, they just keep firing back via more social media posts). 

Bottom line, The Dickies are no longer on Warped Tour because of poor behavior (or possibly they weren’t scheduled for the entire tour, it isn’t really clear at this point).  I, for one, would like to see what happened before Phillips went off. Personally, until we have video evidence otherwise, I think we are playing the infamous game ‘jumping to conclusions’ and vilifying Phillips because he is a man, the words he used were today’s trigger words, and he is from a different era of music that the teen and 20-something crowd (ie the crowd at Warped Tour) would not understand but that is just me.  I know, words hurt but if the female threw shit at him first, shouldn’t he have the right to throw a few turds back at her (albeit he slung a bucket of shit at her, but it’s like getting into a physical fight with someone, you don’t really know their fighting ability, you just hope you can kick their ass…..she may have thrown a punch and Phillips just happened to be a championship boxer with a minor in Brazilian jiu jitsu so she got knocked the fuck out)?

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Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on June 27, 2017

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