Citizen Zero – State of Mind
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016
Detroit natives Citizen Zero are set to release their debut studio album, State of Mind, August 12th courtesy of Wind-Up Records.  Founded in 2010 by brothers Greg, John, and Matt Dudley, the band quickly caught the ear of Kid Rock’s sound engineer, Al Sutton, who whisked them into Rustbelt Studios to record their debut EP.   In April 2012, the band was faced with the tragic death of their brother and lead guitarist, Matt Dudley.  The group was faced with the crucial decision to either dissolve or move forward with their dream.  In the face of their painful loss, they decided to carry on their dream and recruited guitarist, Sammy Boller, to fill the void, and used their music as a catalyst for healing.  Needless to say, the release of State of Mind is no small feat a long overdue achievement for a group that has overcome tragedy.  The catchy, yet uniqueness of State of Mind is proof that their dedication and perseverance paid off.
State of Mind will appeal to fans of Sound Garden, Sevendust, and Alter Bridge; not necessarily familiar but inviting.  Their debut single, “Go (Let Me Save You)” is infectious and one that will keep listeners pressing repeat over and over and over again. “Go (Let Me Save You)”  is definitely their breakout hit and a track that will be in heavy rotation on the alternative/rock radio waves, but don’t count the rest of the album out just yet. With jams such as shoulder swaying “What a Feeling” to fist pump worthy “Come Away”, everything about State of Mind is seriously gratifying and pleasing to even the most brutal critics.  For fans that can’t relate to the catchier, or pop, side of rock, there is “Save the Queen”, brimming with emotionally fueled vocals and spot on grooves by the band, “Save the Queen” will definitely be a live crowd pleaser. 
For fans of the golden era of alternative rock, a time when lyrics actually meant something, State of Mind will provide the perfect amount of nostalgia, yet remain modern and relevant.  State of Mind is a perfect combination of lyrical polish and musical grit that made alternative rock great in the 90’s and fresh, modern, technical rock music of today.  The talent of Citizen Zero is undeniable and State of Mind is just the beginning of their rise to the top.