Chris Elio



Chris “The Progtologist” Elio has been doing radio professionally for the better part of 10 years now. From pop radio, to his own show called Progtology 101 which focuses on all things Prog; from the producer of Marth Stewart Radio to the Jamie Foxx show and Fangoria Radio, you can say he’s been all over the spectrum when it comes to entertainment.

With over 500+ concerts, 15 festivals, 200+ artist interviews and a host of on air experience reviewing everything from Tupperware and lawnmowers to concerts and records, Chris has found a way to find merit in most anything that’s artistic. A novice writer and former performer and musician himself, he has received almost as much criticism as he’s doled out over the span of his career.

Chris got the nickname “The Progtologist” from Jose Mangin of Sirius/XM’s station Liquid Metal. Back in the mid-2000’s, Chris was a producer/on air personality at the then Sirius Satellite Radio, and was nosing around Jose’s office when he happened upon a 5 foot stack of new releases that were all Prog/Power metal releases. Titles from bands like King’s X, Sikth and Blind Guardian…..all bands that Chris knew and loved, but being an employee he knew that no Sirius station played those artists. So when Chris asked Jose why that was the case, Jose said “because you haven’t put it together yet.” Thus the beginnings of “Progtology 101” was born. Unfortunately due to corporate douchebaggery, Prog 101 never saw air on Sirius/XM, it was a short lived daily segment called “Technical Ecstasy” that aired 5 times a day on Sirius “Hard Attack.”
Shortly after that Chris parted ways with Sirius/XM and was out of radio for a little bit, but then he reemerged in San Jose, California with his own show, “Progtology 101.”

Progtology 101 is a radio show that called KSCU 103.3 FM in Santa Clara, California home for nearly 7 years. From that little college station it grew into a Progressive monolith and spread to stations in Europe, Africa and Asia, and numerous internet radio stations before it was said and done. Prog 101 was the name in Prog music for a few years before going on hiatus for numerous reasons. The show has now landed in Central Pennsylvania and is looking to spread it’s wings and dominate from the east coast as it did on the west coast, spreading the word of Progressive Music throughout the musical landscape.

Progtology 101 is a magazine style radio show that spotlights all styles of progressive music. It covers every style of Progressive music from its roots (Zappa, Yes, RUSH, ELP, etc.) to current day Prog metal (PTH, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria, BTBAM, Opeth, etc.). From Avant Garde Prog (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Avatar, Stolen Babies, etc) to Power Metal (Sabaton, Symphony X, Evergrey, DragonForce, etc.). We even dive into Progressive Folk Music (O’Death, Gunfire & Sodomy, etc.) and Pagan Metal (Tyr, Amon Amarth, Huntress, etc), we really explore the Progressive genre from every angle.

To help us in our relentless pursuit of understanding the Progressive genre, and exposing it to the world, we have interviews most weeks .We have interviewed new, up-coming artists (Beardfish, Stealing Axion, The Agonist, Huntress etc) and some of the genres biggest artists from today (Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater, Travis Stever and Josh Eppard from Coheed and Cambria, Bjorn Gelotte of In Flames, Amon Amarth, Steven Wilson and Devin Towsend). We’ve even had a legend or two join us (James JY Young, Rod Morgenstein, Geoff Tate and Arjen Lucassen).

Progressive Music has always been the best kept secret in music, and our goal is to bring it into the forefront where it belongs by spotlighting the music, and the artists that make the music. Music is all about image these days, but in our opinion, Prog music is the truest form of music around because it can take any shape and sound like any style without any apologies. Bands like Rush, Genesis, Coheed and Cambria, Steven Wilson, Opeth, and Toehider, blur the lines musically with every release and even though they get their recognition from their loyal fan base, which is ever widening, there is still this stigma that comes with the label “Prog.” Prog 101 aims to smash that stigma by not only interviewing the artists that make this genre so great, but even those who don’t fit into the genre, but have been influenced by it or vice versa. We’ve had members of Avenged Sevenfold, VolBeat, BuckCherry, Otherwise, In This Moment and much more on the show to discuss music as a whole, and the Progressive Music genre.

Progtology 101 is dedicated to answering the question “What is Progressive Music?” We hope you join us and help us in spreading the music.

In collaboration with Bloodrock Media, Chris “The Progtologist” hopes to dominate the music world through radio and writing…..or at least go to a few shows for nothing and hang with some bad ass musicians because….you gotta have goals.