Cemetery Urn‘s self-titled album is their third tryst together in the grim world of death/black metal. The former members of bands like Abominator and Destroyer 666 have unleashed one hell of a slam salvo onto the music scene with this one. Most notably here has to be the blistering drums from Matt Crossingham. We all know that two things come in heavy abundance on pretty much EVERY black metal album ever; double bass and blast beats. The trick is how to use these handy black metal staples without sounding played out or overly repetitive. Here we see songs like Misshapen Affliction,” which is absolutely front loaded in the first 2 minutes of the track with both blasts and double rolls and yet it doesn’t ever hit you as tedious. Or even in the following track “Doomed in Conterminous Decay”, I dare you to listen to that last minute or so into the opening for “Dredge the Pit Burial” and tell me that shit isn’t lit.

There really isn’t a weak track in the bunch so at ten deep this is quite the legit grab for some new summer jams. If I had one “complaint”, it would be a bit of a mixing issue so to speak. While I do think the drums are easily my favorite thing about this album, it would be foolish to ignore how tight and shred-worthy the riffs are too. The only issue there is the way it’s mixed – the guitar tracks at times lose “detail”, so it forces the listener to really sort of block out everything else going on among these tracks to focus on just how dope the shredding is. At a glance it mostly seems like pretty standard “heavy riff-heavy riff-shriek riff-heavier riff” fanfare but when you really give it a solid listen there’s actually a good bit more than that going on; bass included. The only issue with that is, the casual noob is probably going to miss all that without a shitload of listens – which isn’t the worst thing ever but also is a shame because like I said, the riffs are tight.

At the end of the day Cemetery Urn is a hard ass album that delivers all you could really want in some straight up doom and gloom, heavy as hell black metal. The guttural growls, the shredding, the booming bass, the manic drumming; all the pieces to the pie are right here in your face waiting for you to grab a slice or two. Cemetery Urn dropped on June 9th, so get up on this shit while it’s still hot off the presses and make your homeboys jealous at how much better your sense of metal style is than theirs.

1.The Deepest of Graves
2.A Requiem of Servants Aflame
3.Weakened Mortals Bleed
4.Petrified Existence
5.The Sickening Sect
6.Misshapen Affliction
7.Doomed in Conterminous Decay
8.Dredge the Pit Burial
9.Hemlock Transfusion
10.A Hex Upon Dynasties


Andrew Gillon– guitarist, songwriter
Chris Volcano – vocals, lyrics
Dan Macconni – guitar
Themmy Rentos – bass
Matt Crossingham – drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 3, 2017