Hey friends!! I hope you’re doing well! And I hope that you’re excited that BLED FEST 2017 is just under two weeks away!

There are a lot of things we associate with BLED FEST, and many of them have to do with loud, intense, sweaty sets from our favorite bands on the main stages – in your face, passionate, and without a barricade.

But there’s another side to BLED FEST that we look forward to each year – the inverse of those zany main stage sets from bands like La Dispute or The Fall of Troy – the quiet, acoustic sets in the rooms tucked away within the walls of an old high school building.

One such set we’re really anticipating this year will be from Chase Huglin, the singer/songwriter on InVogue Records.

Recently featured on Substream Magazine’s “20 Must-See Acts at BLED FEST 2017,” Chase Huglin is a growing name in the DIY and punk communities. Chase’s music is beautiful and personal, and it resonates deeply with many. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for him this year, and we know his BLED FEST set will be immensely memorable – one that we won’t soon forget.

Founded in 2009 by Nick Moore, former vocalist of BLED FEST alums Before Your Eyes, Ohio-based record company InVogue Records offers an exciting roster of artists rooted in alternative rock, punk, spoken word, and hardcore – including Chase Huglin, who returns to the BLED FEST stage this year! InVogue artists of both past and present have been playing our festival for years (Convictions, Hawthorne Heights, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!), and we’re excited to have the label join us for another great BLED FEST. Make sure to stop at our Vendor Village to catch up with InVogue and take home an album or two!