The heavier subgenres of metal have been making a huge advance in the last few years.  With bands such as Lamb Of God and Devil Driver thriving in the fold, one can easily forgive the advent of so many new bands, and it would be even easier to lose the good ones in the mess.  Casket Robbery is just one of those bands you shouldn’t lose.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I sort of turn my ears off to most- not all- bands of this nature.  I like a bit of sugar in my cereal.  That said, There are quite a few bands than are like really hot, dangerous women.  You know it’s wrong but god damn do you wanna be all over it.  Such was the case when I listened to Casket Robbery’s upcoming EP The Ascension.  The short version, it’s like hot, sweaty, sonic hatefucking, in the best way.  

Madison, Wisconsin- based Casket Robbery have been around since 2011, recently replacing their vocalist Dustin Foesch with Megan Orvold, of the Madison band Disappearance, and quickly recorded their new EP.  That not so subtle move from male to female vocalist has, effectively, changed their game, bringing them into the light along side bands like Arch Enemy and Kittie (their early work), an accolade not easily obtained in this music industry.

You’ll hear tones of Chimaira in Orvold’s throaty screams, along with earsplitting guitars from Cory and Troy. A clear exemplar of this is the EP’s third track, “Lillith”.  The whole EP is, in itself, unrelenting, but this track is just MASSIVE!

What I really like about The Ascension is that it’s produced well without being overproduced, which can probably be accredited to the band’s time table of getting new music out with Orvold on it in time for their summer tour (which they just completed).  To that end, while they might have worked quickly on this, they clearly had a vision for where they wanted it to go, because you don’t get the sense that it was rushed, or that key points in the production or arrangement were left out.  While I have never been a fan of one set of ears taking on both roles, Gabe Fry did a fantastic job mixing and mastering.  

With that said, if there’s one gripe I have (and it’s a small one), it’s that there isn’t much dynamic in the vocals.  While I understand the sort of monotone scream is a staple of heavy stuff like this, I can’t help my roots; Megan is an extremely talented singer, and I would welcome some different elements in her delivery.  

Having seen the band play (and played shows with them), I could easily, and would love to see this band on tour with a major headliner like Periphery or Lamb Of God.  If they keep playing their cards right, they will.  And if they come to your city, you’ll be doing your metal loving ears a disservice by missing out.

The Ascension comes out on August 18th.  Do yourself a favor and get it.

FFO: Arch Enemy, Devil Driver, Periphery, Chimaira

Genre: Death Metal

Band Lineup:
Megan Orvold – Vocals
Cory Scheider – Guitar
Troy Powell – Guitar
Derek Silloway – Bass
Derek Bonn – Drums

Track Listing:
Pockets Lined with Flowers
The Ascension

Bloodrock Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 6, 2017


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