Austin, TX based instrumental doom metal duo Canyon of Skull will be releasing their sophomore album, The Desert Winter on August 19th. Let me start off by just saying this album is not for the faint of heart. “The Desert Winter” is a relentless, cold, heavy track that will have you in its grasp within just seconds. This 37 minute track is nothing but sheer instrumental heaviness. The slow, powerful riffs act as a (positively) overwhelming breakdown, only to be played repeatedly, which eventually slows down into a clean toned, dissonant chord progression while the guitar and bass bleed out; which only eventually comes back even stronger.

The Desert Winter will take you on a spiritual journey; no need for peyote or other hallucinogens. This almost 40 minute track does the job just as well, if not better. Don’t waste your money on drugs, kids.

Drummer Adrian Voorhies tends to stick to the minimal side of his percussion, only complimenting the peaceful ambience during the breaks of the song; sometimes less is more. As for the stringed instruments, both the bass and guitar compliment each other smoothly. The tone in both instruments are distorted, but also clean enough to distinctly hear the difference between them, only building the structure of the song higher and higher. Guitarist/bassist Erik Ogershok has mastered the instrumental art of conjuring doom metal riffs and ambience.

Towards the “end” of the song, (31 minutes in) an in-your-face solo erupts from the depths and abruptly kicks you in the face. In a good way, I promise.

The Desert Winter will captivate any fan of instrumental music. From Polyphia to Omega Virus, and so on and so forth… The Desert Winter is sure to sink it’s hook into you.

The Desert Winter

Erik Ogershok / Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Adrian Voorhies / Drums, Percussion

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