Self-Titled EP Landed At #2 On The Top
Electronic Albums Chart And #68 On The Current Albums Chart In Canada
(November 3rd,
2016 – New York, NY)
– Canada’s newest
musical export Moscow Noir released their official music video for the
debut single “Stars.” The song showcases Moscow Noir’s unique blend of
rock and electronic elements. Big City Thoughts recently stated in a review:
“…there is much to be enjoyed with their catchy debut single “Stars”. A
mystical, eerie soundtrack makes the song worth listening to…those who love Owl
City or Muse will enjoy what Moscow Noir has to offer on the 7- track EP.
They’re not quite what anyone would expect but they share a unique sound that
the listener won’t be able to get out of their head.” The music video captures the
band’s unique visual style that they have come to be known for in their live
performances. The video is out worldwide and can be seen here:
Moscow Noir had an
impressive first week when their self-titled EP was released earlier this
summer. The 7-track EP stormed the charts in Canada and the United States
landing at #1 iTunes Electronic Album, the #2 Billboard Electronic Album, the
#24 iTunes Overall Album and the #68 Billboard Top 200 Current Album in Canada.
The United States also succumbed to the musical power of Moscow Noir with the
EP garnering #17 on the Amazon Electronic Album, #21 on the iTunes Electronic
Album, #61 on the iTunes Overall Album and #93 on the Billboard/Dance
Electronic Core Album. The EP is available via iTunes at:
and via at:
Moscow Noir was created by frontman/guitarist Lesther
Gutierrez. After he taught himself about production and recording, he began
experimenting with electronic sounds. Lesther is the writer, composer,
producer, singer and lead guitarist of Moscow Noir and he created all of
the material for the EP before he put the band together. The EP was recorded in
Lester’s home studio. Lesther is also the visual creator behind Moscow Noir
artwork, branding design and animation. He used to work as a broadcast designer
for Canada’s CTV where he designed show intro/animations and special effects
for television shows and brands. Rounding out the lineup is his brother
Sylvain Gutierrez (bass guitar/backing vocals) and friend of eleven years Steve
Rice (drums). Richard Gillespie (keyboards) and Mike Formusa (guitars) are
recent additions that will round out the live touring lineup.
Twitter: @MoscowNoir
For more information on Moscow
or to request your copy of the debut EP, please contact:
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