If you combined Ghost B.C., TesseracT, and Mastodon with a touch of extra bleak madness, you’d get Bury the Machines, the new solo project of John E. Bohmer Jr, and the upcoming release Wicked Covenant courtesy of California based label Midnight Collective.

Wicked Covenant is heavy, haunting, melodic, and just all around amazing.  This three track EP showcases Bohmer’s ability to evoke awesome like a necromancer summons spirits.  Wicked Covenant is dark, yet groovy, and stirs adrenaline and emotions without being neither overly aggressive or mopey.  Dissecting this EP track by track is almost a crime; “Beneath My Wrath”, “A Victim’s Tears”, and “Waterweapon” are like a three acts in a magnificently grim play or penultimate chapters in a tale written by Edgar Alan Poe. While each track has it’s own feel, each continuing to building on the last with the ever present feeling of impending doom.  Wicked Covenant is like a compact, evil version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
Seriously, add Wicked Covenant to your list of summer must have albums, you will be glad that you did!
Check out Bury the Machines here:
Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on April 17, 2017
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