Bonehunter, the Finnish power-trio, is releasing their highly anticipated second album, Sexual Panic Human Machine, on August 4, 2017, courtesy of Hells Headbangers. The album boasts an album that does not just replicate past glories, but instead embarks on new adventures and sounds.

After a brief introductory track, the band launches into “Enter The Satan’s Dimension”, a track that will incite chaotic headbanging without permission through nasty riffs and crashing drums. “Digital Evil” is another song that displays the band’s mastery of their instruments – showing off some more dirty guitars and complementing drumwork for almost a straight minute before the vocals kick in. “Doom Desire” is a song that showcases the drums more – a complicated melody woven beneath the vocals. “Spectre of Sex Vengeance” is seriously a song that just fucking rocks – from the opening chord to the last. The combination of heavy riffs, crashing drums and growling vocals just assail you through the entire song. “Sexual Panic Human Machine”, the track wrapping up the album and sharing its name, draws you in with slower riffs and beats, before the drums pick up. The song is just shy of 6 minutes long, and the band brings you all they’ve got to bring this album to a close.

There isn’t a dull moment on Sexual Panic Human Machine – the band brings the fucking rock from beginning to end. A slew of sounds will come at you, none of them like the last. Bonehunter is for sure a Finnish power-trio; power being the operative word there. This band, through their vocals and the mastery of their instruments, crushes Sexual Panic Human Machine and makes it their bitch. Check out this album if you’re a lover of rock, a lover of breaking shit while listening to rock, or just want to hear an album that rocks.

Intro (Awaken The Machine…)
Enter The Satan’s Dimension
Digital Evil
Electric Nightmare
Doom Desire
Devil Science
Spectre of Sex Vengeance
Substance Creator
Sexual Panic Human Machine

Syphilitic Satanarchist – Vocals, Bass
Witch Rider – Guitars
S.S. Penetrator – Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 Axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on July 4, 2017