BINARY CREED – A BATTLE WON (Rockshots Records)

If there’s one thing we know about the metal scene, it’s that you won’t hear a lot of bad music coming out of Sweden. The rule holds up; as I plugged in Binary Creed’s latest release, A Battle Won, I knew within the first 20 seconds that I was going to like this album a lot.

A Battle Won is an epic album, in the same vein as bands such as Dream Theater, Edguy, and Sonata Arctica. It’s a progressive mix of melody and metal, which normally bores me, but this didn’t bore me. None of the songs really sound the same as the other, which I know is a cardinal rule of the genre, but what I like about A Battle Won is that it’s not throwing its uber progressive style in your face like so many dickish bands do.

It even reminds me a little bit of Soilwork, which surprised me. Songs like “The Ones to Bleed” threw me off a bit, in a good way, because I wasn’t expecting a chugging riff.  Unexpected and appreciated!

I don’t really have a whole lot more to say, other than the mix could have been a bit better. With a sound like this I would hope it to be a tad bit cleaner, sometimes the vocals start to sink into the music. Other than this slight gripe, I really enjoyed A Battle Won.

If prog is your bag baby, you’ll easily be able to get behind Binary Creed, they made a fan out of me. And for that, I give A Battle Won a 3.8 out of 5. Its flaws are tiny and it’s a really good listen!

A Battle Won dropped September 8, 2017. Snatch this bitch up.

FFO: Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Epica

1. Servants
2. Lurking In The Shadows
3. In A Time To Come
4. The Fallen King
5. The Ones To Bleed
6. Safer Than Now
7. A Better Man
8. Black Storm
9. These Hands
10. Journey Without End

Andreas Stoltz – vocals, guitar
Stefan Rådlund – guitar
Peo Olofsson – keyboard
Robert Rasmussen Ahlenius-bass

Check out Binary Creed here::

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on September 23, 2017