Have you ever had money fired at your face? Well I have… now…

Billie Eilish got her start a REALLY short time ago. She took the world by storm when she put out her first song “Ocean Eyes” last August. Ever since then, with the help of her brother, known producer Finneas (who, I found out, played fucking Alistair on Glee), her songs have consistently gone viral to a biblical degree, and not because people just have bad taste, it’s just really good music! And for a singer who couldn’t even drive until a year ago, the fact that she can sing the way she does is a feat of genius.

Lincoln Hall is, shall we say, an intimate venue. Unlike the bigger places in Chicago, there’s no barricade, no high stage, it’s literally you staring at crotch. And when you’re in a place like this with an act that’s blowing the hell up, it makes for a hell of a show, and it shows a lot of class on the band’s part.

Standing there, in this sold out show, I felt a mixture of feelings; on one hand, I was super excited to be there because, unlike most of my metal brethren, I get into all types of music and hers is something I latched onto very heavily. On the other hand, I was at least twice the age of most of the kids there, who were an audience filled with screaming teen-aged girls, screaming teen-aged gay boys, parents, and then the screaming teen-aged girls’ boyfriends who were probably
trying to “get in there” later on.

But fuck it. I am MET-TAL, and MET-TAL goes wherever the fuck it wants.

Starting it off were two guys with faces covered. Very metal. They came center stage, raised guns, and shot money all over us. I snagged one(quite proud of that, given the increasing difficulty I had trying to breath in that freakin crowd), and saw that It had Billie’s face on it! I knew what was going to happen, the guys(who were her drummer and her brother) both went behind their instruments and kicked into Billie’s newest single “Bellyache“.

The money thing was in the video for the song. Yeah. I’m that fan.

If you heard her music, you’d never think her show was going to be as high energy as it was. the front of the crowd was exactly like it is at a metal show. If you’re up front YOU, SIR, ARE HAVING TROUBLE DOING ANYTHING AT ALL EVER ANYWHERE. It fucking rocked. I love being at a show and having difficulty trying to actually get a good photo. It really makes it intense! For a girl on only her second full tour, the performance between all three people on stage was really tight.

A few songs later, they went into one of the more somber (which is saying something for her) tunes, “Six Feet Under“. The lights dimmed to cold blue and there she was with a microphone, singing with soul that someone her age should not know. I managed to get a few really good photos, but mostly I sat there and watched. Shows like this, you really have to take it all in, so I did.

After that, the lights went out, and Billie came back on stage with a ukulele. Now, the fans (who, I shit you not, were still screaming 40 minutes in, things like “would you marry me?” and “I love you!”) cheered and she started playing a nice throaty rendition of- I kid you not- Drake’sHotline Bling“, and I have to say, it’s a much more listenable tune through her.

I was waiting for two songs in particular- “Ocean Eyes” and “Copycat“. Thirty minutes later I had gotten my wish, and the whole thing was kickass. She even did an encore of two songs.

Leaving the venue, I’d have liked to pick up a disk but for some reason they weren’t selling any.

Oh well. Next time maybe. She’s coming back in August.

Check out Billie’s photo gallery here



Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media onĀ April 1, 2018.