BEYOND VISIONS – CATCH 22 (Bleeding Music Records)

Whenever I get assigned a review, I generally wait until after I’ve listened to the music to read the press release – I like a surprise. So when I popped in Beyond Visions‘ newest offering, Catch 22, I was quite pleasantly taken aback!

Sometimes, you get a band and don’t really know what to expect; either the band name or the album art can be pretty vague as to the band’s style, and this is no different. I had no idea that I would be greeted with some pretty damned good power metal!

The first track, “Time to Rise,” pretty much kicks off with some EDM and Rebecka’s voice kicks in right away and lets you know exactly where Catch 22 will take you. No vague, minute long, directionless drum and bass intro, they just ram right into it, and I enjoyed that.

By the time “Survival” rolled around, I was enjoying it a lot! It’s a driving song that, like many of the other tracks on the album, flows pretty well. The string players and drummer knew what they were doing when they composed these powerful and driven tracks. You can hear a bit of Soilwork in their stuff, which will help them a lot, I think. The only thing I wasn’t in love with was that the songs all had the same structure, and while they’re good songs, it became a bit predictable. With a bit more variety, Catch 22 would have kept my attention for much longer than it did.

Rebecka’s voice is spot on, with no auto-tuning at all, which is quite nice. I can imagine that she does sort of a doll-like swaying thing on stage. Her voice has almost a Natalie Merchant tone to it, which, for power metal, can bring it down a bit, which is the problem.  While in some of the more serene parts, her voice shines like an angel, it’s during the heavier parts that I feel like there could be more power in her voice. I think, given a little time, she can accomplish that easily. I just think when it comes to female singers, the urge to go full opera on it can be a bit tough to deny, but it CAN be done without going all Maria Brink.

Catch 22 is a strong power metal album beaming with a mix of melodic and progressive metal, and just a touch of punk which is the cherry on top. While not perfect, it definitely isn’t a bad album. It would just be nice to hear Rebecka harness her inner Deborah Harry and just let it rip a bit; basically letting the punk-ish guitars inspire her inner badass and not hold back.  For this, I give Catch 22 a 3.0 out of 5.0.

Catch 22 dropped October 27, 2017. If you like power metal, you’d be wise to pick it up.

FFO: Epica, Soilwork

1. Time to Rise
2. Sacrifice
3. Pay my Price
4. Changes
5. Survival
6. Illusions
7. My Life
8. Everlasting
9. Pretender
10. Good Hater

Rebecka — Vocals
Alex — Guitars
Erik — Drums
Ludvig — Bass

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Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on November 6, 2017