Millville, PA – On September 26th 2017 Bloodrock Media’s David Reese attended Between the Buried and Me’s The Colors Ten Year Anniversary Tour w/ The Contortionist, Polyphia, and TOOTHGRINDER at Mr.Smalls Theater.

TOOTHGRINDER is a metalcore band from Asbury Park, NJ. This was the first time I had ever heard of them and I will say they have a new fan. The lead singer Justin Matthews’ vocals were awesome, and the band didn’t miss a beat. While I photographing the concert I could hear people singing along and head banging as Justin moved around the little stage, and made do with the little room he had.

Next up we had the instrumental progressive metal band Polyphia from Dallas, TX. As there is no singing in this band the music in which they play can take you through many genres of music, rock to metal to a little bluegrass and every genre you can think of. You could see the crowd just listening to the riffs and beats of the songs and enjoying every bit of their music.

After that we had The Contortionist an American progressive metal band from Indianapolis, IN. Before they even came on stage you could hear the crowd chanting for them. Now when I was in the pit photographing I couldn’t really hear the lead singer, probably because I was right near the speaker, but once was out of the pit I could hear the vocals and he sounded pretty amazing. The crowd was singing along, moshing (I avoid this cause I don’t wanna die…no seriously, I’m much to pretty to have my face smashed) and just having a good time and enjoying the concert.

Which now brings me to the headlining band which was Between The Buried and Me from Raleigh, NC, this is the moment everybody had come for, the reason the show was sold out. I saw the floor packed with sooooo many people you could barely move at all. I stayed to the side because I knew what was coming. The lights went dark and you could hear the fans chanting (BTBM,BTBM) as this was the Ten Year Anniversary Tour of Colors which the band described as “adult contemporary progressive death metal”, their entire set was this album. The band walked on stage and you just heard the cheers of all the die hard fans that could make any band smile. They played the full album from Foam Born straight through to Foam Born 2, every person in the venue knew every single word to every song. The whole time they were performing the cheers just erupted from all of the fans new, young, and old alike. After they performed their final song and walked off stage, they of course came back for an encore.  Their final song of the night Mordecai.

Over all this concert was amazing to be at and if it comes to a town near you, make sure you get tickets.  I would definitely would go see them again, and for the fact it was an older album that they were promoting (celebrating, really), shows that amazing music never gets old!

You can check out my pictures from the show by clicking the link to the bands galleries:
Between the Buried and Me
The Contortionist


Written by David Reese for Bloodrock Media on October 3, 2017