Straight outta Portland, Oregon, dark noise/somber metal band Atriarch unveils their 4th release Dead as Truth, not quite goth but utilizing a dark tone and waves of grey ambiance. Atriarch has crafted a sort of grunge/sludge metal combo that is wholly unique unto themselves. Fans of bands ranging from Type O Negative to Godsmack will find something to love amid the creeptastic tones and eerie lingering riffs. What they lack is intricate shredding and up tempo jams they make up for with the ability to craft a dreary landscape that begs to be played on repeat by candle light.

The tracks barely contain the subtle yet pulsing fury just beneath the surface, with raw emotion in the vocals and lyrics that bite like famished zombie teeth. The vocal performance on “Void” for example, is an excellent stand out track, while the music is a combination of droning yet not boring tones, echoing riffs and funeral march worthy drums, the vocals slowly burst the seams as the raw emotion behind them builds to climax. Likewise, the drums of “Repent” explode with a ferocity not seen among the other tracks, incorporating blast beats and rolls quite familiar to genres with death in their title, while presenting them in brilliant patterns that aren’t just more of the genre’s standard fare. Also despite the slow time signatures and dismal feel they evoke the album doesn’t drag; the songs flow well into one another and build upon the overall gloom. It’s dark, it’s desolate, devoid of all things upbeat and yet not depressing which is a feat in itself. So yeah, I doubt you’ll be blaring this album while gearing up for a night of cold ones with the boys but it’s grey and moody vibe is still a great chill out album to bump at home.

Hell with fall officially here and Halloween right around the corner, this album is a pretty damn good one to get you in the mood for doom and gloom and all things creepy. Take heed: this album is good at what it does but it’s not gonna be for metal heads looking for some new Venomm or Morbid Angel type shit, this is entirely a different metal monster altogether. With that being said, if you’re feeling adventurous and need a break from the genres you usually jam for something that may spark your interest into a completely different kind of doom/sludge metal then shazam shazam kid, you just got balls deep in your little black heart’s desire.


Lenny Smith – vocals
Joshua Dark – guitar
Andrew Stromstad – bass
Maxamillion Avila – drums

3.0 outta 5.0 axes

Check out Atriarch here:


Written by Ken Kaiser for Bloodrock Media on September 18, 2017