ASYLUM 8 – REPRESSED (Inverse Records)

Here’s a fun fact, when you take equal parts of Soilwork, Lamb of God, Fear Factory, and Dragonforce, you get a fucking kickass band called Asylum 8. It doesn’t SOUND like those ingredients would go well together, but it’s like- and I’m not shitting you – a charbroiled hamburger with bacon and peanut butter on it; you would NEVER expect this shit to taste so good, but if you shove it in your mouth, it’s fucking GOLD!

Sidenote, you can get that burger at AJ Bomber’s in Milwaukee. I highly recommend it.

Within the first five seconds of the very first track, “Disarray,” you’ll understand what I mean. It starts off with sort of a techno/EDM keys riff and then it kicks into overdrive to the point where you’ll be exclaiming “HOLY LIVING FUCK!”

I had a huge smile on my face and was immediately jamming the air drums! They have a music video for their song “Thanatophobia,” and if you watch it (you can view it below), you’ll quickly see that this band backs up their sound with ferocious live action bite.

It was just insanity cast into a sonic penis, shoved into my ears with no lube, and then fucked the ever loving shit out of my earholes, and at some point I was dizzy from how good it felt, you know? Fifteen minutes into it, you’re not even saying words anymore, you’re just sort of grunting and enjoying it.

Ahem.. Anyway!

I’ve never heard anything like this, and I’m actually really thankful for that, because the second I put this album on, I fell in love. They even did a cover of Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor,” which you may remember from the short film “Kung Fury”.

This is the perfect metal album, and for that, I give Repressed a whopping 10 out of 5!

Can I do that, April?

Repressed drops November 10, 2017, with all the weight and fury of a falling plane. Do yourself a favor and get this album!

FFO: Raunchy, Soilwork, Dragonforce, Lamb Of God

Tatu Heikkinen – bass
Sami Partanen – synths
Anssi Kinnunen – guitars
Henry Hämäläinen – vocals
Sami Hynynen – guitars
Pasi Moilanen – drums

01 – Disarray
02 – Lamentation
03 – At the edge of my Mind
04 – Thanatophobia
05 – Passing
06 – Acceptance
07 – Deliverance
08 – True Survivor(David Hasselhoff cover[in Finnish])

Check out Asylum 8 here: 


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media, October 29, 2017