I’m sure we can’t be the only one who noticed that Corey Taylor has an opinion on every subject the last month or so.  With a bit of research we figured out why……COREY TAYLOR IS ALSO THE GREAT ZOLTAR.  Holy shit!  Who knew!?!?

Apparently the major music news outlets Blabbermouth, Metalsucks, Metal Injection, etc knew this before we did, which is why they post three stories on his thoughts a day, and for this we are ashamed.  Bloodrock Media prides ourselves on breaking news and we were behind the proverbial eight-ball on this one.

Ask Corey Taylor is now available on Bloodrock Media…ask him anything and he will give you his opinion or offer advice.  Do you want to propose to your girlfriend?  Ask Corey Taylor.  Are you thinking of changing careers?  Ask Corey Taylor.  Is Donald Trump in fact your president?  Ask Corey Taylor.



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Corey Taylor Form

**Disclaimer:  Responses are not actually provided by Corey Taylor (we will respond).  Bloodrock Media is also not affiliated with Corey Taylor.  This is meant to be satire. **