Finnish metalcore quartet As I May made a splash this summer with the release of their album Speak No Evilhitting the stage for numerous shows about Europe and getting some serious air time in Metal Internet Radio stations like Rock 24 Radio and Metal Nation. Now they’ve come back to throw even more gasoline on their rapidly emerging fire with their new single “Hero”. Clocking it at just over three minutes, it’s an ass kicking anthem that highlights their strength quite well from the vocal acrobatics of their dual vocalist front down to the edgy riffs and cannon fire bass and drums. The music video is eh but considering Ghost’s “He Is” basically claimed Best Video of 2017 for itself, that’s easily forgiven. The song itself though is what actually matters and it’s pretty damn good. 2017 started off great for the guys of As I May and as they carry on there’s not a single sign of them slowing down!

Kimmo Hartikainen – Vocals
Jani Valhola – Guitar, Vocals
Lasse Hiltunen – Guitar, Vocals
Hra Röinen – Bass
Ville Aulaskoski – Drums