April “Baggins”

Co-Founder & Journalist


I am strangely normal, stupidly clever, seriously funny, insanely sane, and typically all-around awesome.

A numbers geek by day and a lover of all things that rock by night, in the moshpit is where you will typically find me when I’m not wearing slacks and using Excel.

I love music, I was a band geek growing up (trombone….don’t judge me) and can sometimes be found behind the mic at karaoke (not saying I’m good, but I do it anyway). Music is how I express myself and based on what I’m listening to on a particular day; you will know how I am feeling. I listen to everything from Travis Tritt to Gojira, did I mention I love local music? My weekends are spent enjoying live music around town, helping sell merch for Through Our Eyes.

My professional involvement in the music scene began with a modeling gig for Asgard Radio and grew into doing interviews, album reviews, show reviews and eventually into our own media company (if you are reading this, you are in the right spot). All of this transpired because of my love of talking to people. I’ve always had a ‘gift’, that even the shyest person feels comfortable around me (it is more than likely the fact that I am gigantic dork). So it feels natural to talk to people in order to find out more about them, what makes them tick….what they like to eat, and loads of other important things. I am extremely blessed to work with my best friend and boyfriend, Mark Bilek, running Bloodrock Media. Together we make a pretty amazing team (not bragging, okay…maybe a little).

Educationally, I have a BA in Accounting and Finance, BS in Psychology and MBA in Finance and Accounting. Books make me a happy girl. I love most things nerdy including but totally not limited to: Lord of the Rings, comics (Thor, Batman), books, music (of course), and food (I frickin’ love food, I’ve developed my own food pyramid).

My favorite national bands are: Trivium, Within the Ruins, Walls of Jericho, Gojira, and Killswitch Engage. My favorite local bands (of which you should definitely check out) are Through Our Eyes and Hate Unbound (a new favorite).