Spanish metallers Apologoethia are set to release their highly anticipated four-song EP Pillars on November 24 via Invictus Productions. The band comments that this debut EP “explores the dark side of human knowledge, an introspection through different cultural, ascetic and religious approaches that mankind has explored throughout centuries past”. It’s a bit thrash, a bit doom, and a bit heavy, and its hard to nail it into one particular subgenre, but it is 100% metal.

The first track “Pillar I (De Fundamenta Spiritus)” is a musical roller-coaster. It begins with smooth guitar and bass that eases you in, accompanied by a haunting, almost whispering vocal element. Before long, everything intensifies and the rest of the ride is exhilarating. The guitar shreds, the bass thunders, and the drums pound. Even the vocals punch you in the throat while still somehow managing to be just as haunting as before. This beastly onslaught continues for almost five minutes after it starts, easing you out of the track at the end just as you were eased in. The track itself is a lengthy six minutes and seventeen seconds of pure brilliance.

“Pillar II (De Humanae Natura)” doesn’t bother easing you in. Hitting hard from the very beginning, this one is full of a raw, untapped energy just begging to be let out. A melody adds itself into the track soon after, giving a brief rest to this otherwise unforgiving six and a half minute aural ass kicking.

“Pillar III (De Absentiae Vitae)” isn’t as long as the previous two tracks, but it hits just as hard. A thrash groove and some guttural screams start it off and it doesn’t let up from there, even for a little bit. The drumming is intense, and the guitar is ruthless. The track slows way down during the last 30 seconds or so, but that doesn’t change the overall intensity of the track at all. The energy on this album so far, even through some of the softer and more melodic parts, is hard to match.

“Pillar IV (De Aeterno Praesentia)” is the last and longest track on the album, coming in at just over seven minutes long. It may very well be the heaviest song on the album as well, if you can believe that. However, the song seems to change styles regularly, and I don’t just mean from heavy to melodic, although just like the rest of the album, there is that too. Seemingly defying all musical logic, the changes in styles here are unfortunately not seamless, and the thought soon becomes apparent that Apologoethia couldn’t stick with one idea for this song.

With as much energy as Apologoethia have put into this EP, it’s almost disappointing that there are only four tracks. Thankfully, these four tracks are long enough to whet your appetite for this extraordinary metal album, while still leaving you wanting more. Every metal fan should be looking forward to this album. Final score: 4 out of 5 axes.


  1. Pillar I (De Fundamenta Spiritus)
  2. Pillar II (De Humanae Natura)
  3. Pillar III (De Absentiae Vitae)
  4. Pillar IV (De Aeterno Praesentia)

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Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on October 27, 2017