I bet you thought the days of numetal bands were over didn’t you? Well my friend you’d be wrong and American Wrecking Company has the proof in hand. Bringing to mind the essence of bands like Fear FactoryAmerican Head Charge and FlawAmerican Wrecking Company isn’t for those looking for some artsy highbrow metal. This is pure belligerent bang your hand, pump your fist type shit. Dropping 10 tracks of “Fuck the Man!” mosh tunes, American Wrecking Company is singing to the hearts of the rebellious and revolutionary. What they lack in “prestige” they make up for with unapologetic balls as they roar across this album condemning the corruption of the modern status quo.

The album itself, is pretty meat and potatoes in construction. Not a lot of deep complexities in song structure or overly technical riffing or drumming but that doesn’t mean the album is lacking strong points. The album’s opener “Everything and Nothing” is a tad too reminiscent of a simpler version of Mudvayne’s identically titled track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRLjb8vqPLA) but barring that from mind the song ain’t too shabby on it’s own merit. For my money the first really standout track is “The Burning”: It’s pissed off, the breakdown is hitting on all cylinders, but more importantly it doesn’t immediately bring to mind a handful of other similar bands (even if the outro riffing does heavily borrow from Fear Factory‘s “Edgecrusher”).  They def show out on the track “Enemy” though the track is hella heavy but maintains a sick groove that you can’t help but get a lil hype to.

Overall Everything and Nothing is a decent album, it’s just a case of the sincerest form of flattery going a wee bit too far. These guys clearly have some talent and a knack for putting together some chest beating, meet me in the pit type anthems but the problem is it all sounds a lot like other bands who’ve been around a lot longer and already covered that territory pretty thoroughly. Now don’t get it twisted they aren’t straight up biting another band’s style which if they were I’d have no problem calling out BUT as I listened to this over and over before sitting down to really write this out, I kept getting sidetracked like “damn ya know what that really reminds me of” and hitting up YouTube for throwback jams. In a time when you have bands like Ghost killing it with both original tunes and insane theatrical presence, Ayreon doing the impossible and making one album with 11 singers on it seem like the most natural shit ever and instrumental bands like dhara or GOD absolutely killing it without a singer and in the latter’s case some controversial themes on the legit metal scene….it just isn’t exactly the arena to throw your hat in without bringing something fresh to the table. I will say though that I can definitely see this album get a ton more leeway from the newer to the scene crowd, cuz as I said before if you block out the callbacks to other bands and albums this will most likely bring to mind, it’s still pretty decent but that is a huge thing to overlook for an album that still wouldn’t floor you.

2.0 outta 5.0 axes

1. Everything and Nothing
2.From Grace
3.I Won’t Listen
4.Health For Wealth
5.The Burning
8.Beautiful Lie
9.Mad By Design
10.Day of Shame

Band Members:
TJ Cornelius – Vocals
Randy Bebich – Guitar
Ben Reynard – Guitar
Jeff Bloomfield – Bass Guitar
Dylan Hickey – Drums

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 15, 2017