Another blow for the band AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, singer Cameron Heacock was arrested on April 12th for suspicion of theft. He was spotted driving a stolen white panel van, while leaving a Motel 6 at 1441 Gisler Avenue, in Costa Mesa, CA. He was formally charged when the van’s contents were also found to be stolen.

The Motel 6 in question has been a site of prostitution and drug dealing for years, and police have said that they keep regular watch of the area. Many of the surrounding hospitality establishments have also been sites for illicit activity, causing the city to sue many of the them for being a public nuisance.

Within the stolen van was a motorcycle, a microwave, and 13 high end guitars (including a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocastor), all reportedly stolen. The guitars, which were valued at over $10,000, had been taken from the Fountain Valley Guitar Center. Subsequently, Costa Mesa police were lead to a storage unit, which contained another motorcycle, more music equipment, and several bicycles, which were also reportedly stolen. All totaled, the items top out at just under $20,000, which will undoubtedly mean harsh jail time for the 40 year old singer.

Although much of the music equipment’s owners remain unknown (complaints have been made from several bands over the years of having been stolen from when playing with AHC), many of the guitars have been returned to Guitar Center.

This on the heels of the recent passing of founding member and bassist Chad Hanks, who succumbed to liver failure, stemming from Hepatitis, on November 12, 2017.

Former drummer Chris Emery, who left the band in July 2016, has stated many times that the rest of the members had fallen back into drugs and had not paid him for his part in recording their Shoot EP nor the subsequent album Tango Umbrella. In a statement posted to Facebook in August 2016, he stated, “I was never paid anywhere near my full record advance, money for gear everyone got but me, and paid for this tour,” and added “H, meth and liquor  aren’t typically the recipe for long-term success.”

This is not the first time Cameron has been arrested, on May 5th, 2014, he was arrested in Minneapolis for failure to appear in court on two counts of felony possession of marijuana and subsequently sentenced to eight months in jail. And on September 25, 2013, he was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and sentenced to 60 days.

Heacock is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday for the most recent charges.


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on April 13, 2018.