Massachusetts melodic metalcore, All That Remains, recently released their 8th studio album, Madness. A well known metalcore band with obvious hardcore influence, the album is tastefully heavy with a plethora of catchy melodic riffs.

From the first track of the album “Safe House”, it has a very intense feel. With hardcore style fast, chuggy riffs and a very melody driven chorus, the track gives an intense feel.  This is made even stronger by the impressively heavy breakdown at the end of the track.  They even gave a little something to the alternative rock fans with “If I’m Honest”.

Overall, Madness is good quality, All That Remains gave a little something to metal, alternative, and metalcore fans alike, which is not easy to do.  While some sections are slightly uninventive, as though they reused ideas for melodies, Madness is pretty impressive and worth the download (or purchase).  Be sure to check this album out, it dropped April 28th!

FFO: Killswitch Engage, The Acacia Strain, The Black Dahlia Murder, CKY, Diecast.

1. “Safe House”
2. “Madness”
3. “Nothing I Can Do”
4. “If I’m Honest”
5. “Halo”
6. “Louder”
7. “Rivercity”
8. “Open Grave”
9. “Far from Home”
10. “Trust and Believe”
11. “Back to You”
12. “Never Sorry”
13. “The Thunder Rolls” (Garth Brooks cover)

Philip Labonte – Vocals
Oli Herbert – Guitar
Mike Martin – Bass
Jason Costa – Drums
Aaron Patrick – Guitar

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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on May 11, 2017
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