Coming August 11th, All Out War drops their 6th album Give Us Extinction – another tome to add to their growing library of NYC hardcore based works. On top of their 11 new original tracks, they’ve also included a shout out to fellow hardcore heavyweights Nausea with a cover of their track Cybergod“. If you’re unfamiliar with their sound,  imagine some SlayerRefused and Hatebreed tossed in a blender, sprinkle some extra old school cool on top and there you have it. Savage, swift, utterly intense yet topical jams are all these dudes drop throughout Give Us Extinction.

One of the best things about bands like All Out War is that they know how to stand against or for something, to have real messages in their music without becoming pretentious or letting the music itself suffer in quality because they don’t know when to step off the soapbox. Worry not, faithful readers and true believers, in the dozen tracks found here none of that is an issue. While All Out War is as I said topical; organized religion, politics, screwing up the environment, etc. are all touched on, and not very lightly.

However, as you head bang the night away to sledgehammer hitting tracks like From the Mouths of Serpents”, “Bodies for the Machine” or the infectious “Cybergod” cover (1 of 2 tracks that feature Straphangers vocalist Emily Muscara), you won’t ever feel like you’re being preached at. You may feel encouraged to riot perhaps, but never preached at or talked down to. Which is pretty damn impressive when you really think about what’s going on here. The homie Mike Score is basically shouting in your face about “saving the trees” and how humanity sucks yet you can’t help but think “I mean he isn’t wrong”. There’s a subtle charisma behind intense intelligence that most do not really master, but is clearly done well here. Top that off with the energetic yet eclectic blend of 80’s type underground thrash metal with unapologetic punk attitude in the music crafting some adrenaline pumping bangers like “Burn These Enemies” and “Circling Vultures”, and you’ve got one hell of a hardcore album. On the musical end is yet another few layers of delectable contrasts, aside from the occasional drum fill or guitar breakdown/solo-ish riffing; musically it’s pretty straightforward hardcore punk jamming which clashes with, but also enhances, the deeper level of subjects being sung about here.

All Out War gives yet another solid reason why they’ve been able to hang in the game since 1992. They know who they are and what they’re about and present that here without compromise. Now mind you, with all this “brain thinking” stuff I been mentioning, at the end of the day this is more of a legit thrash/hardcore album than anything else, so whether you’re more into the intellectual side of music or just want to rage, Give Us Extinction has all your bases covered. August 11th is right around the corner so lucky you won’t have long to wait to get a slice of this hardcore goodness.


1. Give Us Extinction
2.Burn These Enemies
3.Worship the Cancer
4.From the Mouths of Serpents
5.In Praise of Leeches
6.Choking on Indifference
7.Carcass Rot
8.Circling Vultures
9.Ingesting Vile
10.Bodies for the Machine
12.Repulsive Premonitions


Mike Score – Vocals
Erik Carrillo – Bass
Taras Apuzzo – Guitar
Andy Pietroloungo – Guitar
Jesse Sutherland – Drums

Check out All Out War here:


Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on 8/4/2017