Asheville, North Carolina’s horror-thrash three-piece All Hell have made some incredible
strides since I last saw them live here in Chicago in early 2016.    At that time, All Hell were promoting their second full-length, 2015’s The Red Sect, that had been released by
Philadelphia’s respectable independent label, Horror Pain Gore Death
Productions.  Presenting a
stronger-than-steel stage presence combined with their own unique blend of
rip-roaring “metalpunk” (their own words), I was verily impressed by the act
from start to finish, and I left the show with an excellent impression of both
the music and the band members themselves.
Fast-forward about fourteen months, and All Hell have taken their solid stage act and unique music to new
heights.  Now signed to L.A.’s much
bigger and more ably-backed Prosthetic Records, All Hell are all geared-up to make a big, bloody splash on the
national scene with the impending release of their third studio album, The Grave Alchemist.  Due to hit the shelves of metal retailers
nationwide on April 14th, 2017, The
Grave Alchemist
displays everything that I’ve come to love about the band,
but better. Much better. Better production, better songwriting, better
Constantly conjuring imagery of dark, decrepit graveyards
and foreboding castles brimming with alluring, bloodsucking vampires, The Grave Alchemist sports twelve delectable horror-thrash offerings that are truly all killer and no filler.  From start to finish, this album is one hell
of a humdinger.  Solid offerings from the
front half of the album such as “Grave Alchemy”, “Necrosophia”, and “The
show you what All Hell are
all about:  solid song composition
featuring darkly muddy and distorted riffs, and the perfect mix of punk rhythms
with metal attitudes and subject matter – but it is on the back half of the
album where The Grave Alchemist truly
sets itself apart.  Tracks such as
“Memory Tomb”, the black-metal-inspired “The Madness Out of Time”, the swampy
and spine-chilling “The Thing in the Ground”, and the swaying,
head-bang-inducing closer “I Am the Mist” stand out as some of the finest
tracks that the trio have ever written, hands down.
So be sure to pick up a copy of All Hell’s The Grave
on or after April 14th. 
Your metal-loving ears will thank me.
FFO:  Toxic Holocaust,
Celtic Frost, Bathory, The Misfits
Genre:  Horror
Album Lineup:  Jacob
Curwen (vocals/guitars), Erik Ballantyne (bass), Kurt Henderson (drums)

Release Date:  April
14, 2017

Track Listing:

  1. “Grave Alchemy” (4:02)
  2. “Necrosophia” (3:27)
  3. “Wed the Night” (2:21)
  4. “Vampiric Lust” (2:40)
  5. “The Castle” (3:43)
  6. “Laid to Unrest” (3:36)
  7. “Memory Tomb” (2:54)
  8. “The Madness Out of Time” (4:09)
  9. “The Thing in the Ground” (3:49)
  10. “Return of the Reaper” (3:03)
  11. “Elixir” (Instrumental) (2:40)
  12. “I Am the Mist” (4:44)

Label: Prosthetic Records

Written by Geoff Teach for Bloodrock Media on April 7, 2017
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