HAIL THE YETI Calls for Change with Politically-Charged “Feed The
Pigs” Music Video
Now, Exclusively via
Album Screams From A Black Wilderness Out Now via Minus Head Records
Credit: Henry Diltz
If you are one of the
many music enthusiasts looking forward to a huge wave of politically-charged,
post-election punk, hardcore and metal, ALL HAIL THE YETI just met your
needs. The band leads the charge with their official call for change with the
new track “Feed The Pigs” – a self-described “wake up call”
for our generation to take action in society. Along with the track, the band
reveals a new music video, exclusively via Huffington Post. Check out
the video
and read a brief Q&A with vocalist Connor Garritty here.
“Writing “Feed
The Pigs” came very naturally for us; one of the least stressful, yet one
of the most important songs we have ever written,”

Garritty details to Huffington Post. “We have always been very
conscious of the world around us, especially the environment. With everything
that is going on around us right now, I felt that this song needed to be
heard… so inspiration wouldn’t be the word – it is more of a wake-up call!
Our society needs to clue in to what is going on! Change has to start right
Although originally
hailing from Canada, the members of ALL HAIL THE YETI have resided in
the Los Angeles, CA metropolitan area for several years. Garritty, a business
owner in the state of California (Timeless
), personally feels the sting hitting small mom and pop shops
Garritty continues to
explain to Huffington Post, “Mom and pop businesses were once a
thriving thing here and made this country what it is today. It is unfortunate
that it became too expensive to keep things in America and I hope that changes
soon. I always support a local business before some big chain or foreign
company! If everyone in this country did the same it would make a big
difference for people like me. I hope that Americans start to see the reality
of this as well, Big corporations like Walmart and Target etc., don’t care
about the people, they only care about big profit and to me that is a
As proven by “Feed
The Pigs”, ALL HAIL THE YETI are constantly writing and creating
new material. Stay tuned for more coming from the band soon.
“Feed The
Pigs” is a standalone single; however, the band released a full length
album, Screams From A Black Wilderness, earlier this year. Screams
From A Black Wilderness
is available to order via Bandcamp,
or iTunes,
and is based on classic campfire-circle style horror stories, presenting a
different story with each track. The album was honored with the Independent
Music Award
for “Metal/Hardcore Album Of The Year” this year.
‘s conceptual video series, featuring Screams From A Black
tracks “Daughter Of The Morning Star” and
“Before The Flames”, via the links below:
“Daughter Of
The Morning Star”
(prequel to the Flames story, from Screams
From A Black Wilderness
“Before The
(Part 1, from Screams From A Black Wilderness)
The Great Fire”
(Part 2, from 2012’s self-titled album)
current line-up:
Connor Garritty – vocals
Nicholas Diltz – bass
Ryan “Junior”
Kittlitz – drums

Alan Stokes – guitar